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So as part of my plan to ramp up my output this year and produce/publish some of my own material I was looking into some online comic courses that are available.

Standout seems to be run by former Marvel editor andy schmidt but at $600 US for 14 hours of online course I’m not sure if this is the way to go.

Has anyone else had any experiences or recommendations?


I’ve only heard of Comics Experience (and I’m right there with you on the price). Comics Experience did announce today a free materials section of their website. I listened to several of their podcast episodes and enjoyed them.

Good luck!


In my opinion courses for learning about the medium is just an excuse of procrastination. I have learned more from artist friends and networking, and reading Scott McCloud’s Books. Use that $600 dollars to pay an artist to get some actual work out. Trust me. I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. I took two courses about the subject Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels and the History of Comics. It was cute, it was neat, and it was a ripoff. You are basically just assigned writing prompts that you can get free on comic forums.


I’m with @Shawnmilazzo. Everything I’ve learned about comics (writing especially), I learned from books (mostly from Words for Pictures" by Bendis, Alan Moore’s Writing For Comics, and Scott McCloud’s Making Comics), and by studying the form of my favourite writers. Then again, I’m a fan of the self-taught vibe.


Thanks phr0ggi, I couldn’t remember the other damn book titles I read! I sold them off after college to try and pay for an artist (along with the back alley bj’s) All of the books mentions above are the best resources IMO.


Millar provided the format for writing a comic script on this forum, and 2000AD also provides one. Look at the books you like to read and the ones that influenced you and see what worked and what didn’t. Then start doing this for books you normally wouldn’t read. Your best teachers will be reading, analyzing and writing, writing, writing.


Appreciate the insight. Procrastination isnt the issue just looking at many avenues as possible to expand my knowledge.
Im currently following a few of your suggestions and focusing on having some self published work available for the second half of the year for distribution to editors etc . Bendis, Moore and mclouds books are already lining the shelves.
I’ve been lucky enough to win a slot in the annual with my hitgirl story so will have to try and leverage that. Recently signed up for twitter (yup slow to the party!) and trying to develop an online presence that doesnt come across as dickish!
I am amazed at how quickly you get an insight into the minds of some creators through twitter. My admiration for some has soared and even forced my hand to look at the works of some who aren’t seen as the rock stars and purchase a few of their independent or earlier works.
Theres also been a few who i have been turned right off and been suprised at their foibles .
The interweb is certainly a harsh mistress ;p


Had no intention of meaning you were procrastinating personally. I’m sure you understand!


Reading and writing everyday on your own are the best ways. I’ve been at this for years, caught no breaks but have gotten very good at giving/getting advice to others on comics.

You won the contest. You just need to keep doing what you’re doing and eventually it’ll all click.


Winning will certainly help in the long run but i agree with everyone that writing everyday can only help.
Forums like this are certainly helpful and I’ve learned a lot by observing the feedback from some of the competition submissions.

I haven’t commented on the competition feedback as I don’t think it’s my place but I’m keen to see what people think when the annual comes out.

The only thing I will say is that with a lot of the hit-girl stories submitted there is a few common themes amongst them.
I touch on a few of these in my story but the way i framed it was different and when your looking at an annual you need to look at the overall balance of the book as well as the individual stories. You cant really have three revenge stories in a row for example no matter how great they all are.

There were clearly many great stories submitted and a couple I think are easily better than mine but i think I was just lucky in this case to frame the story from a different perspective.

The unfortunate thing is it’s not something I can never use again!

side note the millarworld team have been fantastic with their help and guidance through the whole process.
Now the wait begins


Congrats on the win!

Follow your instincts. If you have the urge to get into a classroom, do it! You may also be able to approach other creators with your MillarWorld Annual at Cons and ask for advice or their opinion on your work. There’s no one right way to break into the industry. @Mark_Millar and his team will be excellent mentors for you (which is something we are all a little jealous of :wink: )!


@markabnett You won the contest my friend, you need no training. I definitely recommend what Reb said, Follow your instincts.