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One Page Comics? - Can anyone recommend any?


Hi All,

Can anyone suggest any good sources for One Page Comics? Either web comics or printed volumes?

I’m obviously going to do some Googling myself but thought I’d throw it out there in case you guy’s had some killer suggestions.

The reason I am asking is that after attending Thoughtbubble on the weekend the general feedback on my work was that my writing wasn’t novel / thought provoking / interesting enough. And my feedback on the Write-Off thread has been that I am a bit wordy.

In order to remedy this I’m planning to practice writing some One Page comics, as this will ensure I cut out the flab and people can quickly judge whether I can tell a good story.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks,



I love Adrian Tomine’s stuff. (In his own Optic Nerve and elsewhere.) He has a tremendous ability to wring tension and emotion out of really mundane situations and “ordinary” characters. His long-form work is great too.


Thanks for the recommendation @marqueemark. I’ve looked him up and his work looks really interesting. I’m thinking of getting the ‘32 Stories’ collected edition to see his first attempts and how he grew into it. It’s a shame they aren’t avaliable digitally.


I was just going to say Adrian Tomine!

Do you have a shop that participates in Free Comic Book Day?
Usually they have some pretty great mini-anthologies. Might be worth looking into. It’s not coming up until May 6th, but put it on your radar.


Kate Beaton’s Hark, a vagrant - which is endlessly charming - but the bigger lesson is she wrote her passion and what she was interested in which was history so, yea…

OGLAF - (NSFW) - Eight page pilot but after that one pages, mostly - this is more my speed and would recommend if you have a perverse sicko sense of humour - pretty much the fantasy/sword n’ sandal n’ sorcery genre meets crazed sex-ploitation - think Conan with cumshots but only awesomer:

Faith Erin Hick’s Adventure of a Superhero Girl not one pager but y’know if you’re just looking for something fun to read:

Let me also add: Megg Mogg Owl (NSFW) -


I’ll add (some of) Lynda Barry’s stuff to the mix too. Many of her one-page strips feed into a very complicated and seemingly infinite narrative, but once in a while she’ll do a one-off that can be jaw dropping. (I tried in vain to find a strip she did at least 10 years ago where an old man’s dog died. Within four panels, she got me inside the guy’s head, heart, and home and then broke my heart.)


Hi guys,

@BeardedBetts I will mark Free Comic Book day in the calendar in order to get my hands on some anthologies.

@just.dave Thanks for the suggestions. I loved the OGLAF ones. But they were definitely not safe for work.

@marqueemark. I’d not heard of Lynda Barry. I’ll be sure to look her up.

I’d like to recommend these one page collaborations that I’ve discovered via @Dominik. Think they are currently looking for artists.




Just seen this post, but Warren Ellis did something similar on his site a few years ago.