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One Good Deed - Take part in our HUCK CHALLENGE!


Dear Fine People,

I thought this might be something that would appeal to you guys in these strange and dark news days when all we’re getting is terrifying clips of the RNC.

We’re launching our next big book HUCK tomorrow and have a fun idea for the launch. The idea is to get our friends to do One Good Deed and then post a picture of it on social media, nominating three other friends to do the same. The conceit of the book (and our upcoming movie over at Sony) is that the title character does One Good Deed every day and it’s actually something I tried myself (for about a day and a half). It’s harder than you think.

An example tweet is below…

“I just made tea for the entire Millarworld office. Now I nominate (@name) (@name) (@name) #OneGoodDeed

To get the ball rolling I’d love you all to take part on your various social mediums if you have a spare minute. Here’s a link to what it’s about from yesterday’s Guardian… just in case you’re worried this book might be Nazi propaganda or something!

Big thanks and lotsa love!

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My good deed for yesterday was making tea for the whole Millarworld office. Still thinking about what to do today…


Okay, just did my #OneGoodDeed for today. Hid £20 and a note in a fun book at my local library. I now nominate Will, Jim O, Ronnie, Jake and Patrick to do a good deed today and stick it up here :slight_smile:


Heading to Highland Square Farmers Market to hand out hugs.

I nominate @SimonJones, @DaveWallace & @TMasters. :slight_smile:

Follow up: I didn’t get as many takers as I would have liked but I did hand out some free hugs.


Oh no…now you discover my secret identity as a dog with internet access. :fearful:


You too!?


Yeah…Sometimes I figure that this place is petting zoo with very strong feelings about Zach Snyder movies.


I am entirely unsure what to do about this - but ill figure something out. Does it have to be today?


It took me more than a day to come up with something due to work commitments. So feel free to take a little longer if necessary.


I found it difficult to do this because I was on my own for most of today (does being kind to the Dog count?). However my wife was a little late getting back from her trip away and needed me to pick her up from the next town over (Maynooth) and drive her to her chiropractor appointment in rush hour traffic, so she didn’t have to carry heavy bags and take the bus.

This is a picture (taken by the lovely Mrs. Jones) of me waiting for a gap in the traffic leaving the train station. I’m not swearing at the traffic in this one :wink:

I nominate @KandorLives, @ParkerMcTwatface and @Bernadette

Happy trails folks.


Yay! Way to go, Simon.


I intervened in a growing confrontation between 2 coworkers in the parking lot after work yesterday, a bit of rational discussion and the fists were put away. It seemed inappropriate to snap photos at the time. :wink: Ironically I was wearing my Huck coveralls under my orange vest. I’m not nominating anyone, but this is a very cool concept, Mark’s golden brain is working overtime! :sunglasses::thumbsup:



I’m doing two more tonight hopefully!



Oh crap! I forgot!

I plan to make some food for a homeless person I see periodically around where I live.

What do people think? I thought a tuppaware container with lasagna or something… Just a little conscious it might not be a good photo op…


I think that good sense and respect for basic human dignity should give you the answer there Tim.

I was in a similar situation myself over the weekend…Didn’t take a picture. :smile:

Edit: Sorry Tim. That came off a bit preachy from me. I didn’t mean it that way. What I was trying to get across is that you know what the right thing to do is already.


It all depends on how edible your lasagna is…

No, that’s a lovely idea, and you don’t need to take a photo.


To me, the picture isn’t what’s important. I purposefully took mine of just me before I went. You could always just take a picture of the food if you wanted.


I haven’t forgot about this. Someone will be deeded goodly over the weekend.


I repaired a dry stone wall for someone – that doesn’t really count though. But I went for a run up by the Dam earlier, and the trail that goes through the trees was in a right state (again). So, I went back and collected all the litter.