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On Sale Now: The Devil in Disguise #1


Very quick review:

First of all, the art is brilliant. Robert Ahmad’s style isn’t what you would normally expect to see in a “superhero” comic, so it definitely makes this stand out from the crowd. The colouring is stunning – is that Ahmad’s work? There isn’t a colourist credited so I guess so.

I have only one complaint about the story, and it’s that there isn’t enough of it. I don’t mean too slow, or too light, or too decompressed. It told its story at a good pace. But the issue wasn’t long enough. It should have been a double-sized issue, or you should have had issue #2 ready to roll out immediately, because while this presents an interesting origin story with a great twist, I feel like I haven’t yet read the superhero comic I was promised. It’s all origin and no superheroing. So get working :stuck_out_tongue:



Was going for that Daredevil TV show…slow burn…that took 12 episodes for DD to get his costume!

but you’ll see Nate’s in #2


I thought this actually worked for the story. I assumed it was a horror story until the twist at the end of the issue.


Spoilers! :astonished:



I fixed mine. I assumed since you guys were talking about it openly it wasn’t as secret. :wink:


Oh i’m only teasing… :wink:
i describe it as the superhero comic you didnt know you wanted!


Fair enough. I must have missed that one. :wink:


i’m still surprised that ive kept the Ether twist under wraps for so long! :rofl:
The twists are gonna get out…so if it happens it happens


You mean that it’s really about how you discovered the joys of vaping?


ha…ive never even tried smoking let alone vaping! :rofl:

Also, never tried ANY kind of drug (apart from booze before someone tries to be smart!)
I’m already like Tigger on caffeine…


I’m joking. Vaping is generally seen as a bit douchy.


Shows how expectations colour things :slight_smile:

It worked for me because all the way through I was waiting for a superhero and instead got a horror story :smiley: .. Which is more interesting than what I was expecting. It’s a great set-up, and completely unexpected.

But I still wish it had gone on further, past the set up.


It all comes down to:
Paying for the art, paying for the printing and the amount i charge.
To do a “double-sized” issue would cost so much more, which sadly being a small press whiz, its outside of my budgets…but more soon…or may i suggest another one of my comics to quench that Garvey thirst! :wink:


On comixology tomorrow! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it’s ALIVE!

The Devil in Disguise is NOW available on @comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out! #cXSubmit