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On Sale Now: The Devil in Disguise #1


Seeing as it is new comic book day, I feel like I have been slacking…

So, with that in mind my new comic, with fellow MillarWorlder Robert Ahmad @bedtime143 is now available to buy…hard copies that is!
So, go go go!


Cheers to both Davids, Wallace and meadows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cheers Bruce!


20% gone in under 12 hous!
You lot are Amazing!
Apart from @markabnett…he is just a dick.


The episode looks fantastic.


cheers, buddy! :smiley:
@bedtime143 did such an amzing job on the art duties…



Strangely hypnotic


Devil in Disguise #1 - @mattgarvey1981 does it again and continues to impress me with his indie publishing hustle. I love the Darwyn Cooke Parker-esque art and color of this issue. The story also impressed me by surprising me with the ending, something that has gotten harder to do over the year. So impressed with everything Matt puts his hand to. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for him.


Read this when it was posted on Twitter over Xmas - I love a faustian/devil story and this one does a good job of getting action in but still promising more to come. And @bedtime143 is going from strength to strength here. Really like the orange saturation in this.


Thank you Matt for giving me shot on this project, issue 2 is going to be even better!


Oh yeah! :wink:


Thanks Ronnie


Another nice review! :smiley:

Its costing me a fortune paying off all these reviewers! :wink:


Stores are getting their stock…Chaos City St Albans :slight_smile:


Put a few aside for @OKTrueBelievers & saved a couple for buddies who asked because they are waiting for payday…but this THIS is all I have left!
So wouldn’t hang about…


Mine showed up today. Cheers Matt.

Looking forward to reading it later.


Glad it arrived ok…thanks so much, buddy :blush:


Thanks Matt!
I made sure I used protection cause… you know… its you.



Even that won’t help ya