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Old timer- New Comic

I was one of the first group of members on the Millarworld creative forum back in the early '00’s. It is amazing who was there with me doing little contests and critiques. Nicola Scott, Will Sliney, Declan Shalvey… I’m sure there were others that I don’t remember. We were all beginners but we are all now professional artists. I mostly do illustrative work- children’s books, posters, graphics, but I’ve recently finished the first two issues of a comic. I’m going to share the website and the kickstarter for the comic here. I’m really proud of it, and I wanted to share it here because, honestly, this forum meant a lot to me when I was young.

The Little Warrior kickstarter campaign

The Little Warrior website


I like concept! I’m checking it out right now

Thanks for checking it out. And thanks to anyone else who clicked on it. We’re almost 75% funded, but we’ve plateaued a bit.

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