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Old Man Logan cheers up Old Man Highway

I have largely weened myself off my comic buying habit which I’m not sorry about. I think I have the hoarder gene so selling stuff isn’t easy. My 11 year old daughter has seen all the Marvel movies and has more than a passing interest in comics. She burnt through the first dozen issues of Power Pack in a night and has read some other stuff that I had failed to put away.

Earlier in the week I ordered an (allegedly) signed copy of the Old Man Logan tpb via eBay. It was cheap and I thought she may enjoy it.

I was more than pleased yesterday to watch her glued to it till she read the whole thing. She talked about it to the Mrs through breakfast this morning and on the way to school and she asked if she could take it to lend to a friend. She told me she thought the story was ‘sick’

I’ve only found the first three issues of Huck in a long box but I have found the Civil War original issues and Enemy of the State bar the last part.

I’ve told her she may not inherit much cash but she will get enough comics to see her into a nursing home!


Has she read 1985?

That would be an exciting book for her.

The Old Man Logan, 1985, Fantastic Four trio of Millar books is my favourite era of his.

I was pleased she enjoyed it and it’s nice she appreciates Marks work. She is now a bit cross I can’t find Huck 3-6.

:blush: sounds like she’s becoming a true comics fan and you can teach her about hunting for missing issues.

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