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I mean, given that MU is basically free given you pay the sub, I’m fairly open to reading almost anything there! I figure a guy as talented as Soule is worth a freebie read.

That said, the Waid/Samnee run was so terrific that I feel like I should stay away from DD for a while.


That’s probably the bigger issue I would say. It’s hard to follow up such a stellar run.


Uncanny X-men 330 - Lobdell/Loeb & Madureira

Here’s the concluding part of Wolvie and Warren’s quest to find a way to save Betsy. With Gomur the Ancient in tow, they set off.

Oh yeah, Doc Strange tags along.

They get to fight some cool bad guys.

It was obvious that standing in their way would be some kind of large guardian of the crimson dawn.

Meanwhile, Gambit worries about what Psylocke learned when she probed his mind.

Luckily our heroes find some kind of soul thingy in the dangerous netherworld. Hooray!

Strange hints that there is more in store for Psylocke in upcoming issues.

Although lacking any kind of real depth, this was a fun two-parter with some nice visuals.

X-Men 48 - Lobdell & Ross

Bishop is the focus here and he’s having some crazy flashbacks/visions from his time in the Age of Apocalypse.

He’s very fearful of a mysterious stranger (not to be confused with the X-traitor he is also hunting).

Elsewhere, the Dark Beast, one of several AoA characters who made it through the time rift to be deposited in our current timeline, takes an interest in Bishop.

And this is where the story problems begin. He mentions that he’s been here for twenty years (that will be important as regards to the next issue). He also says that up until several months ago Bishop did not have a counterpart in on Earth-616. I don’t understand that. When did he get a counterpart?

Interlude - Still sweating over how the White Queen manipulated him, Bobby asks Storm for help with his powers.

More mystery as Beast and Sugarman decide Bishop must die due to some connection with Sinister that is particularly vague and unexplained.

Bishop is one of my favourite Marvel characters and this is the moment he starts getting mistreated. I think the writers just started chucking ideas out there for mysteries sake.

X-Men 49 - Lobdell/Waid & Matsuda

Bishops continues to star and the Dark Beast has a new diabolical plan. Whilst in a bar enjoying a relaxing juice, Bish loses the plot and sees enemies everywhere, specifically a waitress…

…who he ends up with back at her apartment. Little does he know she is a pawn of the Dark Beast.

Dark Beast soon discovers his alternate self, much to his amazement. Wait a minute, last issue he proclaims he’s been here twenty years and yet all that time he wasn’t aware of our Beast? Come on.

He then concludes that he must remove our Beast from the board and take his place!

Not a great issue in terms of…anything really. Script, art and plot are all fairly crap.

X-Men Unlimited 10 - Waid & Toscano/Gnazzo

It was a shame that this was a period that featured multiple tie-ins and extra issues that were required reading to get the whole story. This issue is crucial as it sees the Dark Beast capture our Beast and imprison him before taking his place. The bulk of the issue is filled with inane, horribly scripted scenes of Dark Beast going around talking to people to learn as much as he can of the history of our Beast. He also takes some kind of alteration drugs to make him look more like the bluer more friendly looking Beast. The art is poor but standing out more is the terrible writing by Mark Waid.


I love your reviews, Bobby. The books you’re reviewing are from the time I was out of comics. So it’s fun to see the art.


Thanks Ronnie, although you’re being a bit kind with the word ‘review’ as they are more synopses with a very small amount of constructive feedback. That said, I’ll keep doing them as long as I get the time. I have three long boxes of X-books so there should be plenty more.


I’m also enjoying them, largely because your perspective on these comics is massively different from my own. The stuff you’re looking at is a year or two after I gave up on the X-Books, but some friends of mine were still reading.


I’d given up but read most of those stories as I started picking up the Panini monthly UK reprints which were a year or two behind because they were such great value (to those outside the UK/Ireland they reprinted 3 US comics for not much more than the price of 1, also handy with crossovers and the like as they just published them in order in the one book).

There were some good ideas actually in those books but almost nothing ever went anywhere. I remember that first Joseph/Magneto story was intriguing but the idea sort of just faded away.


That’s mostly my perspective.


X-Men 50 - Lobdell & Kubert

The issue opens up in the aftermath of a battle the results of which are no good for the X-Men. Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Bobby have been mysteriously whisked away and it’s Bobby in particular who’s in a bad way.

We learn that it’s the sometimes X-friend, Gateway, who has done the whisking…but perhaps against his will. Intrigue!

Bishops does what he does best and threatens people with guns…whilst topless. I’m a big Andy Kubert fan but around this time he started making everyone super muscled. For me, his peak on X-Men was around the period 17-39.

Kubert also started playing with contorted poses and perspective.

Here we learn that they are facing an enemy with the spine chilling name of Post. He is the herald of Onslaught and claims to know everything there is to know about the X-Men. Hhhmm, could Onslaught be a familiar face?

This issue closes with our heroes returned home and Gateway chatting with a strange entity.

It’s a fairly by the numbers issue but I enjoyed it. The continued focus, albeit small focus, on Bobby is nice and the fact that he now might not be able to turn off his ice form creates some tension.

Uncanny X-Men 332 - Lobdell & Hitch

Bobby’s had enough and opts to confront the White Queen re not only his recent hallucinations but also regarding the hole in his chest. There’s plenty of drama and it’s nice to see Bobby cut loose.

Elsewhere there’s an explosion and the cause? The Beast or rather Dark Beast who has now infiltrated the mansion.

Hitch does some nice work here and does Shatterstar suspect something’s up?

Bobby has had enough of Emma dancing around the issue and being all pretentious so he gets aggressive.

Nice house ad.

Ah look, Emma was just being passive aggressive to get Bobby to find it within himself to control his powers. What a teach!

Another fun issue that kept me guessing.

X-Men 51 - Waid & Ferry

The Prof picks up some strange readings and as Bishop, Gambit and Beast are the only ones around, those three get to investigate.

I might not like Spider-man but Jr Jr sure can draw him good.

To help remind the reader that this isn’t the nice version of the Beast, Ferry draws him slightly evil looking.

Meanwhile, Scott and Jean are visiting her parents and we see that Graydon Creed’s presidential movement has gained momentum.

In a nice touch, Scott is also testing the youngsters for potential mutant abilities.

Another house ad. Nice work making the title look flag-like.

People being experimented on and being mutated? It could only be the work of Mr Sinister.

I’m not convinced by Waid at this early point in his X-run and the young Ferry is a bit rough around the edges. It’s not a stinker, just an okay read.

X-Men 52 - Waid & Kubert

Following on from the last issue, our heroes have been captured and Kubert gets to mess around with strange angled panels again.

More house ads.

Interlude - Some chump called Bastion is making waves. This appears to be the guy Bishop had visions of back in issue 48)

This issue also lets us catch up with Rogue. She’s still on the run and has made it to South Carolina where she’s looking for a place to stay.

She’s still self loathing after all this time.

Wow, Kubert draws a great evil looking Beast. (oh yeah, they escaped Sinister by faking having the disease he was trying to infect humans with. Yes really)

There’s a few duff bits here and I’m sure those that didn’t like these issues first time round won’t have changed their minds but I did and still do.


So I just read Ellis’s Iron Man Extremis arc, and as said here it is indeed very good. He also seems to predict the iPhone about four years before Apple released it, so kudos to him.

But reading the new BMB written Iron Man series (which I’m also enjoying), it does seem the changes to Tony that occurred in Extremis didn’t last. I did an Internet search to find out when it was retconned but didn’t find anything. Can anyone here tell me what happened?


Did Secret Wars reset the character?

(Just a guess, I haven’t read it or the new Bendis run.)


X-Men 53 - Waid & Kubert

Jean is out shopping and we get to see what it’s like to be a high level telepath.

Before she knows what’s happening, some big dude in Magneto-looking armour shows up.

Off they trot with the big-O acting like some weird ghost of christmas past. Onsalught claims that for his entire life Charles has repressed every fear, moment of rage and feeling he’s ever had. Not sure that’s true big fella.

However, he does show this piece of Prof repressage (I know that’s not a word).

Interlude - Warren is helping Betsy convalesce when…

…boom! Juggernaut shows up.

Interlude - Magneto, ah,Joseph has gone wandering and ended up in a small town that might not be that welcoming to those with, shall we say, powers. By the looks of it though, he should be able to get some special recipe chicken at least.

There’s some nice visuals going on here but apart from the Prof-love bit, Jean is acting way too cool and calm regarding what’s going on. An okay issue that throws up more questions than answers.

Wolverine 100 - Hama & Kubert

I’m in a minority that loved 90’s gimmick covers. Here we have a hologram one that alters between two images. The one you can see above and a skeletal one.

Throughout the issue we get quite a few really cool double page splashes. This actually seemed to be quite a common feature of the Hama/Kubert run.

The villain of the piece is Genesis (Tyler Dayspring who is either Cable’s son or nephew. Not sure that was ever resolved). He’s trying to help with the resurrection of Apocalypse and for reasons unknown is attempting to re-inject adamantium, obtained from Cyber, into Wolvie’s body.

Cannonball and Zoe from Landau, Luckman & Lake ( a company that deals with inter-reality finance), have infiltrated Genesis’ base and are attempting a rescue.

Another nice splash.

Whoa, things are going wrong as Wolvie’s body rejects the adamantium…

…leaving him oh so feral.

Interlude - Stick and Elektra will be playing a role soon.

I wasn’t a regular Wolverine reader so wasn’t aware of any back story or existing plot lines but this does a great job of being enough of a stand alone issue for the reader to understand most of what is going on. Adam Kubert art is big and bold and conveys the intense action really well.

Uncanny X-Men 332 - Lobdell & Maduerira

Courtesy of Sam, the X-Men have found out what happened to Logan and set out to find him. Interestingly Joe Mad draws him in his devolved state with no nose. How does he smell? Answers on a postcard.

The Prof is done being nice and presses Zoe (L, L & L) for info.

As well as Genesis, it seems like Apocalypse has a right hand man who also has an interest in him rising.

Ozymandius gets hold of Logan and he wants answers damn it! He’s come to the wrong place.

Lobdell writes some pretty clunky dialogue.


A fairly forgettable issue. I find myself going off Joe Mad a bit. The combination of exaggeration and cartoon style aren’t quite working as well as his earlier issues. It is interesting that they are pushing the return and arrival of two big time threats at the same time in Apocalypse and Onslaught.

Wolverine 101 - Hama & Semeiks

The team have tracked down Wolvie and are now in a pitched battle with Ozymandius and his stone golems.

This is a pretty bog standard battle issue with very little substance and the best thing in it is the Marvel v DC advert that proudly proclaims ‘We Won!’


It lasted quite a while. Bendis used the Extrrmis suit throughout his New Avengers run.


What is this in relation to? Was this some kind of specific public contest between the two companies?


Without googling it I think there were five one-on-one fights that readers could vote on who would win.

Superman beat Hulk
Batman beat Captain America
Spider-man beat Superboy
Wolverine beat Lobo
Storm beat Wonder Woman


Spidey must have beaten the “Metropolis Kid” version…


How does he smell? Terrible!


The DC vs Marvel mini-series. Four issues written by Peter David & Ron Marz. It featured a fan vote on a number of battles. Marvel won 3 of the 5. It was a fun, albeit hokey mini-series. Probably doesn’t hold up much today.


It happened during Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s run… having fallen off the wagon during the Fear Itself crossover, Tony finds himself put under restriction in how he can use his powers/armour. He quits being Iron Man and has Reed Richards extract Extremis from his body .


Uncanny X-Men 333 - Lobdell & Ferry

Senator Kelly must be in desperate need of help as he calls on his hated enemy, Cyclops, in a bid to understand the threat of Bastion and his alliance with Graydon Creed.

Jean and Gambit don some psychic disguises and infiltrate the bad guy base. We learn the name of the operation as well. Marvel is already setting up the next big crossover story even before Onslaught has truly started.

Juggy continues his encounter with Betsy and Warren

The man of the moment, Bastion.

He obviously has some kind of powers as he sense the X-Men in his midst and decloaks them.

This is a set up issue that mainly serves to establish a new enemy. It’s ok but I’m not aGambit fan and don’t like the way Lobdell writes him which makes it even worse.

X-Men Unlimited 10 - Kavanagh & Epting/Miller

This issue picks up with our two wandering strays. Rogue seems kind of happy with her new waitressing job and has rented a room in a small house with a single mother and little kid.

The trouble is, with mutant fear and paranoia running wild, she gets grassed up.

Up pops Bastion and he sounds like a standard cliched villian.

After a heated battle, Rogue gets captured but somehow Joseph has infiltrated the base (it’s never explained how) and rescues Rogue, whom he doesn’t even know and there’s no reasoning behind his actions either.

More mutant hating from the lynch mob as Rogue and Joseph escape the scene.

This is not a great issue. The scripting is pretty poor with unexplained character actions and the art isn’t up to scratch either.

Uncanny X-Men 334 - Lobdell & Madureira

Gambit is stupid. What is it about ‘Security Alert. Sector: Subaqua V’ he doesn’t understand?

Following her encounter with Onslaught (X-Men 53), Jean relays her fears to Scotty.

With Juggy on the grounds, the now overplayed bromance-pair, Gambit and Bishop investigate. Cain sums up my feeling perfectly. Take that you cajun chump.

Why is Juggernaut calling Jean Marvel Girl? How out of the loop is he?

Wow, he really tell’s Jean. ‘For cripe’s sake’. Jeez, wash your mouth out.

The Prof gets angry.

Whoa, perhaps his new angry aggressive demeanor over the last few months isn’t all of his own doing. Intriguing.

The issue is let down by too much hokey dialogue. I’m a big fan of Lobdell’s X-Men stuff around the 295-315 period but it’s clear but now he’s losing his way.

X-Men 54 - Waid & Kubert

Inside that pretty crappy cover we finally get (part of) the Onslaught reveal. The X-dudes are still looking for Juggy and they look pissed off.

Jean probes Cain’s mind and makes a startling discovery. It’s not explained why Juggy needs to get away quickly or how he came to the knowledge of who Onslaught is.

Damn, things are not going to end well.

This is a strange one. I can’t remember back in the day if I was surprised by this ending or if it was way too predictable and easily guessed. I think it’s the latter. As a plot twist I actually quite like it and can’t remember where the story goes so the next few issues will be like reading them again for the first time.