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Fabian Nicieza was the primary writer of my favorite non-X-Men Marvel book of the 90s, New Warriors, I thought he and Mark Bagley had a pretty solid run on that title for a long time.


Hated that era of X men, the art wasn’t my cup of tea. I lost interest until Morrison took it over.


Yeah, It was Morisson and the movies, then Millar’s ultimate XMen that brought me into that world.

I never read any of the Byrne or Claremont stuff either


I’ve been going back thru my sin city and Hellboy trades recently


X-Men 45 - Niceza & Kubert

This is Niceza’s last issue as I’m in direct contrast to ChrisS as Niceza nd Lobdell are my favourite X-writers. I’m fully aware that my opinion is skewed as this was the time I first started reading X-books but still. That being said, this isn’t the best issue as it seemed that it would be a big reveal-all book but nothing really gets resolved. Since kissing Gambit, Rogue has been on a road trip with Bobby and now, after picking up a memory from the Gam-Kiss, they’re off to Seattle. Gambit plays a massive hunch and, without actually knowing that’s where she’s going, heads there himself.

Interlude - Graydon Creed for President!

Drama is all well and good but unfortunately we get too much and it gets repeated too frequently. Overall is like an episode of Dawson’s Creek. Angst ridden teen drama.

It might be a bit cheesy but I really like the composition of the above page.

The big reveal happens right at the end of the issue and even then it’s not satisfactory. Ok, so Gambit has a linked past with Mr Sinister but we don’t find out what it is. It kind of leads us down the path that he is in fact the traitor that Bishop is hunting but we’ll see.

Uncanny X-Men '95 - Kavanagh & Hitch

It’s another one of those extra/fill in/special issues and it’s by the numbers. Sam and Paige go back to the old homestead to see the family and it just so happens that a mutant hating cult has popped up in the area. There’s only two things of note. The Nimrods look like a cross between Ultron and The Beetle…

…and one of the bad guys is named after a biscuit.

There are some nice splash pages by Hitch though.

Essential reading? No. Inoffensive and kind of okay? Yeah sure.

Uncanny X-Men 326 - Lobell & Madureira

The main content of this issue is the Sabretooth stuff and more debate and hand wringing over the Legacy virus.

Even though he is now supposedly 'neutered, Joe Mad still draws Creed quite animalistic in some early scenes.

Gambit is also still not happy with 'tooth due to previous happenings from their past while in Paris (see X-Men 33). Meanwhile, there are some nice scenes with Prof X and Hank about whether Sabretooth is a victim himself of his mutation. (my image uploads are getting cropped for some reason so the whole page isn’t being shown. Annoying)

Shifting to the Legacy virus, in a pre-planned attempt to help lessen fears, the Prof appears at a scientific conference and tries to downplay the whole thing.

Moira has an idea it’s less like a virus and more like a…

I liked this issue as rather than just have drama for the sake of it, there are weightyer questions raised.

X-men 46 - Lobdell & Kubert

Part one of a fun two parter and although there are some scenes where we’re not sure who the mystery guests are, the cover gives it away. After seeing images of the White Queen on his road trip, Bobby wants Jean to go inside his head and have a look around.

Here are the little blighters in full.

Interlude - Onslaught!

The plot line from about 40 issues past is still going strong and Bishop still has a hard on for the ragin’ cajun.

Interlude - Magneto!

Another enjoyable issue with Bobby, Bishop and Gambit all getting some good story time.

X-Men 47 - Lobdell & Kubert

The villains of the piece are revealed and it’s Gog and Magog.

That’s some looong legs.

Was Dazzler supposed to be pregnant? Was this ever followed up on?


That was a brilliant read, thanks for posting Bobby.

The pics really capture the era so well.

I’m even more tempted to read some of this stuff now.


I know you’re not a Lobdell fan but I think my favourite run of his was probably Uncanny 308-311 with Jr Jr on art. Worth a look if you’re going to dig into that era.


I thought she was pregnant with Longshot’s baby back in Jim Lee’s last issue, X-Men #11, and it was strongly hinted that Shatterstar might be their child.


Let’s just say those Rogue shorts played a big role in little JLJL’s adolescence :wink:


It’s not old-old, but over the weekend I read Charles Soule’s She-Hulk run. Good stuff! It reminded me somewhat of Slott’s run – the superhero law stuff and the light-ish tone. I think I prefer the Slott stuff I’d nothing else than because it gets quite meta, but the 12 issues Soule wrote really are good. I know the art (especially Wimberly) was quite controversial at the time but I enjoyed that, too.


Fantastic Four #4

One thing that I forgot to mention about last issue, and which is proudly emblazoned across the cover of this one is that this is the World’s Greatest Comics Magazine. It is quite a boast, however it is something that I love about it. It is quite bold. There is no sense of holding things back. Everything is up for grabs and nothing is to weird or wild to put on paper. Stan and Jack are literally making up the Marvel Universe as they go. And it is glorious.

Last issue finished with The Human Torch cutting out on the team. The team realises that they are dealing with a teenager and decides not to worry too much Teenagers have moods and you can’t worry about things too much.

Oh no, that’s not what they do at all. They freak out completely and decide to take the Fantasticar to various parts of the city to look for the errant youth.

Sue finds herself walking around a part of the city frequented by teenagers. And buys a cold drink…while invisible.

Reed decides that the best and most reasonable option is to question a biker. While he is still on his motorcycle. And it is moving. I’m not sure whether Stan and Jack had yet decided that Reed was the most intelligent man in the Marvel Universe…maybe he does some courses and that comes later. .He lifts the biker off the biker and questions him. The poor chap is a bit shaken but takes it pretty well, because it will make him the Big Man with his friends. Presumably because his friends are also morons. Nothing more is said about the bike. Presumably it’s now scrap metal. One imagines that the conversation afterwards with his insurance company will not have been pleasant.

The Thing finds Johnny as he is in a garage with his friends, working on a hot rod. Showing the concern and tenderness that has so marked the Ben Grimm of this era of the comic, he decides to try beat the s**t out of Johnny for desertion of the team. He is completely unreasonable.

The Torch flees and finds himself in a Bowery flophouse. I can only assume that this is included as a cautionary tale for the children reading this comic. “Stay in school. Don’t do Drugs. Stay with your family or you’ll end up on Skid Row consorting with Superpowered Aquatic Antiheroes”. Yup, Johnny discovers an amnesiac Sub Mariner and soon things are becoming progressively worse.

The Sub Mariner decides to destroy the surface world…It is sort of how he says hello, isn’t it. And with his gigantic horn (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more :wink:) he summons Giganto, the largest aquatic mammal in the world. It is yet another awesome Kirby monster.

The comic ends up with the Four fighting, and losing badly to, Namor and Giganto.

Which leads to my favourite moment in the series so far. The Thing straps a nuclear bomb to his back and climbs inside the monster to kill it from the inside, fighting the internal parasites as he goes. It is such a mad idea and absolutely wonderful.

This is my favourite issue so far. It is starting to reach for the scope that we expect from an FF comic. Also The Thing is morphing from the muddy lump that he’s been for the last couple of issues to the rock guy that we know and love.


Top stuff Simon. I’m never going to read those issues (way too old for me) but it’s nice to be able to read your snap shot takes and I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

Uncanny X-Men 327 - Lobdell & Cruz

What happened to Mags after he and Peter were separated in the lifepod escape from Avalon? Let’s find out! He appears to have turned up in a Spanish speaking area and is found face down in the mud at an orphanage no less. It turns out he’s now an amnesiac…

…and has somehow de-aged!

Cutting to the chase, the kids and Sister Maria are being hassled by some unscrupulous locals and after being kidnapped, Joseph (as Magneto is now known) rushes of to rescue them on horse back dressed in a hooded brown robe for some reason.

Rescue complete, the kids are aghast at the lengths Joseph went to to stop the baddies. Is our new hero reverting to his former self?

It’s an okay issue, nothing more, but felt a bit heavy handed in terms of angst and woe, and Sister Maria came off a bit flirty and ‘strong willed’. Interestingly re this Joseph character [spoiler] he was originally supposed to be a somehow de-aged Magneto but that was going to be changed so Joseph was actually the reincarnation of Proteus. Neither of these came to be as Lobdell was off the book before either happened. Issue 350 has the real Magneto turn up and we find out Joseph is his clone. [\spoiler] Also, I’m not a massive fan of Cruz’s art which seems to have morphed from being a Joe Mad style to a weird Jim Lee/Joe Mad/J Scott Campell kind of thing.

Uncanny X-Men 328 - Lobdell & Joe Madureira

Cracking initial double page splash with a nonplussed Xavier staring down a frenzied Sabretooth.

I love the fact that Xavier is playing the hard man not being baited by the toothmonger. He also suggests that tampering with someone’s mind is a situation that maybe justified for the good of the many.

Cyke tries taking the moral high ground with Bishop as it goes against everything he learnt in the X.S.E.

Creed finally gets to the Prof and he snaps.

Hey, nice advert in this issue! This is one reason I love monthly singles. The nostalgia factor.

Xavier’s washing his hands of the whole situation.

Meanwhile, Boomer, who had taken a shine to the thought-to-be-reformed Creed, loses it and chucks some kinetic bombs (or whatever her power is) which inadvertently frees the bad guy. Luckily Psylocke is on hand to jump in.

It’s a throwdown with Psylocke doing her thing.

Really great issue. plenty of back and forth, some great character moments and it all ends with Psylocke having been gutted and Sabretooth escaping.

Sabretooth: The Red Zone - Niceza & Frank

This follows up the events from UXM 328 with Sabretooth now on the run. Val calls in the Avengers but they don’t actually show up. Losers.

Caliban is tasked with finding Creed but let;s face it, he’s a chump.

Nice visual of Bobby’s new found ice abilities (courtesy of Emma Frost)

Sabretooth makes a good point about the X-dweebs being too soft on hardcases.

The conclusion of the manhunt? Sabretooth dies. Come on, we all know he didn’t really.

This was filler all the way. I’m not sure, but was Creed about to get drafted in X-Factor around this time? My memory is a bit hazy. Anyway, Val;Cooper tales away the body so maybe. On the art front I thought Gary Frank did a pretty lackluster job. Maybe it was the inking but it just felt off.


I’m not the hottest on X-Men books, but I think that there was a time when X-Factor was Sabretooth, Mystique and Feral or Wildchild or someone (said I don’t really know my X-Men books :wink:)

Thanks for your comments on my FF reviews. While grew up reading lots of reprints in Marvel UK books, I don’t think that I’ve ever read FF back this far. I think that John Byrne was probably on the book when I did. So I am trying…and will probably fail to read the entire run. As you can tell, I am taking it all incredibly seriously.


Based on Soule’s run on She Hulk, and law career, I thought he’d be absolutely perfect for Daredevil, but his Daredevil book has stated very slowly.


Askani’ Son 1-4 - Lobdell/Loeb & Ha

2000 years in the future and following the events of The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix mini series, Apocalypse has been vanquished but a new threat rises in her form of Stryfe, Nate’s clone brother and the body Apocalypse had intended to use as a vessel for his own aged form.

Nate enjoys a drink in a milk bar of all places.

Gene Ha goes to town with the designs and crams in loads of detail.

The series is notable for introducing Blaquesmith and Professor who would both play large roles in Cable’s history.

There are some proper weird creatures.

Even one that looks like Nemesis the Warlock from 2000 ad.

Hey, remember this? I never actually saw this show when it was on tv back in the day but imagine it to be turd. As for the book, I quite liked it. Loeb’s script was very readable and miles better than any of his more recent stuff. Content wise, it does feel as if it’s the middle part of a trilogy and would have benefited from having a bit more resolution regarding Nate completing his Askani training but overall I thought it was good stuff.

Uncanny X-Men 329 - Lobdell/Loeb & Madureira

With Psylocke nearing death following her battle with Sabretooth, Logan takes matters into his own hands and seeks the ebon vein of the crimson dawn which he hopes will save her life.

Accompanied by Warren, they venture to China town and whilst in a tea house…

and are attacked by some kind of ghost ninja. It’s digitally rendered which I think is the first use of this technique in an X-book.

Ah, the old middle claw trick.

So, it’s Gomar the Ancient our heroes have come to see in the hope he can guide them to that which they seek. The issue is mainly set-up which continues next issue.


Do you get the feeling the artist didn’t quite understand how it worked?


Really? That’s disappointing to hear. I had been thinking about jumping on with the first TPB now that I’ve finished Waid’s run, as I also thought Soule would be perfect for the character and I’ve always liked Garney. Should I hold off for now?


I dropped it after 2 issues. I wasn’t terribly impressed. It felt like a step backward to me.


I stopped after issue 2 or 3 as it wasn’t grabbing me instantly. It wasn’t bad, just expected more.

I stopped with the intention of picking up in trade or reading on MU depending on reviews. Soule is good when he is on form, unfortunately I think he has far too many books and it’s diluting his attention to what could be a special run. It’s early days though.


Thanks both. I’ll maybe wait until I hear more on subsequent issues.