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Is it collected in trade or did you own the issues?


I don’t think this mini ever got collected in trade so I picked up the backissues. There are only three and you can get them quite cheaply.


Moore did a couple of sequels worth checking out if you liked the original mini, Dave. Violator vs Badrock and Spawn/ WildCATs. The arts not as good in those, but they continue the story pretty nicely.


Thanks for the recommendation - both are actually already sitting in my to-read pile but I haven’t got to them yet. :slight_smile:

(I got the individual issues for Violator vs Badrock and picked up the ‘Wild Worlds’ TPB collection of Moore’s Wildstorm stuff that includes the Spawn crossover. I’m also thinking of picking up his WildCATS run in TPB.)

Outside of his odd single issues of the main book here and there, I guess the other big Moore Spawn story is “Bloodfeud”. I haven’t read that in years but I might dig it out again as part of the current reading list.


I didn’t rate Bloodfeud too highly, IIRC.

You must have read Moore’s WildCATs run before? I think that’s still one of my favourite runs.


My memories are twenty odd years back too. I remember Bloodfeud as the least remarkable work Moore has ever done, Violater as very funny.


I think I may have read an issue or two of it a long time ago but I don’t really remember it.


Yes, some of this is filling in the gaps for me of stuff I missed the first time around. I read a lot of Spawn in the late 90s/very early 2000s but definitely didn’t read the two Moore Violator series at the time.


I think it’s very good. Certainly up there with Ellis’ Stormwatch. Probably helps if you’ve got some familiarity with the WildCATs. The issues with Charest on art are stunning.


I will look forward to it then!

A little, but not much to be honest.

I saw that the Jim Lee issues are all getting collected in a big Absolute edition soon - are they worth a look?

(Not necessarily in that format, given that it would be an expensive way to try them for the first time - just in general.)


To be honest you can get away without it. It’s all the basic concept stuff to get the context. You could get it off Wikipedia. For all that Wildcats was the best conceived of the Image books and Lee’s artwork very good. Worth a look but not essential to enjoy Moore’s run.


What Gar said :+1:t3:


I came to the Moore Wildcats stuff without ever having read it during the Jim Lee years. I think that I may have reading Joe Casey’s run at the time, which lead me to check it out.


I’m actually a little excited about the Absolute WildC.A.T.S. coming out later this year. It’s a little rich for my blood but I hope they go the route of eventually issuing the same material in the Deluxe Edition format.


I have a few Jim Lee Absolutes and they’re worth it just for the art. I might check out a couple of issues before deciding whether to go for it.


I’m tempted for the Jim Lee art. It is very nice (it’s classic X-Men era Lee too). But, the writing is very amateurish. I think the writer was a friend of Lee’s. I was going to say it’s really bad, but it’s not much worse than the writing of many X-comics post Claremont too.


Not yet he wasn’t - 6 months later he’d officially begin his non-fill in, non-ghosting run with Spawn # 26.

It’s a good little series with a lot of humour - the sequence on the escalator in issue 1!


He’d already done #16-20 under his own name at that point though. :wink:


16-18 as a fill-in -

19-20 weren’t out yet.


Yeah, I was referring to his art on #16-18 with Morrison as well as his uncredited work on those issues in the early #20s that we’ve discussed before (the editorial page in Violator #3 indicates that it was coming out around the same time as Spawn #23).