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Canine Space Patrol Agents, but they never had a “series” as such. I think they only appeared in three issues of Superboy.


I always loved the idea of the Canine Space Patrol Agents. They had a little one panel cameo in the recent The Sandman Overture series. I loved that they were treated as seriously as the Green Lantern Corps etc.


So I finished out my 25¢ bin Action Comics finds.

Action Comics #588 - #591 & #598 - I’ve been a Superman fan since I was very young but didn’t start reading comics until I was a teenager. Then, it was mostly X-Men books. So a lot of the Superman comics are still pretty fresh to me. These were all fun, done-in-one stories. The editorial boxes seemed to indicate that they connected to other Superman stories going on at the time but all of these stories could have been read as self contained. Some of them even connected with each other. Ty Templeton handled inking duties on issue #598 which added something a little different to Byrnes pencils but I really enjoyed the combination of John Byrne on pencils and Dick Giordano on inks with the other issues. There were some unique stories like issue #591 which seemed to be trying to clear up some issues with the Legion of Superheroes in the Post-Crisis DCU and #598 which was the first appearance of Checkmate. I will definitely pick up the remainder of these issues if can ever find them cheap. They were quite good reads. I especially like the done-in-one nature of the stories and just look at those covers.


The LSH story was in four parts, and if you want the full story you’ll find the other parts in Legion of Super-Heroes #37 and #38, and one part in Superman (sorry, can’t recall the issue number).

Though to be honest, the LSH issues will probably utterly baffle you with ridiculous amounts of continuity. Probably better to stick to Action, where as you say it’s reasonably self contained :slight_smile:


This is the kind of stuff that makes me want a DC equivalent to Marvel Unlimited.


Some of it is on ComiXology but an Unlimited style platform would be significantly cheaper.


Wolverine #90 - A while back when Adam Kubert visited us for a Fan Chat someone asked him what work he was most proud of. He responded with this issue. First, I tried reading it in Marvel Unlimited and it really didn’t work due to the huge gatefolds. So I put it on my list of back issues to find cheap someday. I finally found a copy last week and really loved it. The whole issue is this great fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth that ends with Wolverine lobotomizing Sabertooth by finally popping that middle claw. It even had a great cover collaboration between Kubert and the Hildebrandt Brothers. I highly recommend it for a good action romp.


I have that issue.

Its great.

One of my favourite Wolverine issues.


I think Hama was pretty consistently great over a long period of time on that book. Every time I go back and read one of his issues, I’m not disappointed. He reminds me a lot of Claremont in that respect.


Even though my look-backs at the X-Men books weren’t in depth I haven’t got the time or patience to post as much as I did so now it will just be a few lines and few key pics of each issue.

X-Men 71 - Kelly & Pacheco

Kelly immediately shows that he’s an improvement over previous writers and we get some good characterisation and some good drama.

Marrow continues to play the ‘hard-woman’ and feels left out when the crew decide to go for a trip into town. Maggot does have some strange dialogue but that could just be because I’m not all that familiar with South African lingo but on the whole this is a much improved book.

Uncanny X-Men 351 - Seagle & Benes

This issue focuses on a day in the life of Celia Reyes. It features some pretty rubbish dialogue but then I’m no Seagle fan. She bounces around with Storm…


…and then has an encounter with DD before predictably coming back to the X-Men after she realises that is now her place. It’s a bit heavy handed and also a bit defeatist.

Uncanny X-Men 352 - Seagle & Various

The cover proclaims the most artists ever on one comic. There are 5.

Scott and Jean are on vacation but wouldn’t you know it, their plane gets attacked. No peace for some.

Tommy Lee Edwards turns in the best art of the issue but it’s only 4 pages.

X-Men Unlimited 18 - Defalco & Frusin

Following his trial, Gambit is on the loose doing something or other and getting spooky visions along the way.

They all lambast him for being a jerk.

But then at the end all his visions/ghosts turn up to cheer him on. Hooray! What a rubbish issue.

X-Men Unlimited 17 - Kavanagh & Lyle

Strangely, this issue fits in best after issue 18. Go figure. To be fair though, I wouldn’t advise anyone to read either. This is a Wolvie/Sabretooth tale and it’s lame.

Wolvie all in purple, skiiing. Can you actually see that happening? Me neither. Anyway, there’s sometrhing called the Neutraliser and it’s bad.

Wolvie ends up fighting Sabretooth but I’ve honestly forgotten why and don’t really care.


That purple is horrible. I can only assume the colurist did it as a dare.


X-Men 72 - Kelly & Pacheco

The cover says it all. The issue is mainly split between this fight, which plays out really well and has a surprise ending…

Bone to the neck!

Also in the issue we find out that the Eric Lensherr is in fact not Magneto’s real name. This must have been retconned somewhere in the future I imagine.

Anyway, Mags go and kills the forger for some reason.

Uncanny X-Men 353 - Seagle & Bachelo

So the team are chillaxing by the pool when Wolvie senses something isn’t right. Off he trots and wouldn’t you know it, he bumps into a school inspector who has come to take a look around. Jason Aaron would use this device about 16 years later in his Wolvie and the X-Men book. Coincidentally Bachelo draws that issue as well!

Off goes the little old lady and BAM, Wolvie gets sucker punched.

The team arrives and for some reason assume Rogue laid Wolvie out. Not sure on that logic. She runs away.

Bachelo had a much tighter style back in the 90’s and I prefer it to his later confusing page construction.

Uncanny X-Men 354 - Seagle & Bachelo

Ah, so it wasn’t Rogue who bust ed up Logan but was in fact Sauron. Elsewhere it’s all a bit Misery as Bishop is the hostage of the schizo loony Deathbird.

Jean also thinks it a good idea to wear a new costume that reminiscent of the one she had when she went all Phoenix mental.

This issue also contains the annual Wizard comic awards voting section.

Pretty rubbish year for ‘greatest moments’.


The Thunderbolts reveal was HUGE, and perfectly carried off, completely unspoiled (at least for me).

I don’t know what won that year, but if it wasn’t Thunderbolts there’s something wrong.


Where had he stuck it in the meantime? :thinking:



The eagle on the cowl is kinda fascist looking, isn’t it? OH SHIIIIII-


At least nobody’s going to think it stands for France!


The Thunderbolts twist was terrific. That book was a lot of fun. There was a sense that it could really go in any direction at all.

I’m still cross that Marvel killed off Jolt though.

Has anyone read the new Thunderbolts? Any good?


It’s by Jim Zub, who’s stuff I tend to enjoy. I picked up the first issue and it was solid, seemed like a fun team, but I’m so much less interested in spending my money on non-indie comics now.


X-Men 73 - Kelly & Johnson

The issue opens with the team receiving a letter from Chuck.

Elsewhere, Betsy, Warren and Tony Stark are having fun with Norman Osborne and Sebastian Shaw. Aren’t those latter guys criminals?

Other happenings include Senator Kelly looking to free Xavier from his OZT cell but only to find him missing and Maggot proclaiming Joseph is not Magneto.

Uncanny X-Men 355 - Seagle & Bachelo

I use to love me some old school Alpha Flight but how would this new incarnation fare? Not so great I’m afraid. What we get is a poorly constructed fight issue with some pretty rubbish dialogue. Rather than mistaken identities, it’s the old brain washed heroes routine.

Meanwhile, Rogue has run away after being accused of attacking Wolverine and is seeking a ‘cure’ for her mutant powers.

Elsewhere Jeanie is undergoing some kind of transformation.

Cable & Machine Man Annual 1998 - HIggins/Bollers & Leonardi

So, shit has gone down and some scientists are dead which leads SHIELD boss, GW Bridge, to call on Cable for help.

It looks like Machine Man could be the culprit but looks can be deceiving as the powers that be aren’t aware that Bastion has escaped custody.

To cut a long story short, Bastion has become the Master Mold.

It’s fairly weak stuff and is only made readable due to Rick Leonardi’s art. The title is also deceiving as Machine Man hardly appears in the issue.

Machine Man & Bastion Annual 1998 - HIggins/Bollers & Egeland

Cracking cover by Olivetti but that’s where the plaudits end. The bulk of the issue is made up of 80’s style heavy exposition and it’s not good. Take a look.

This drivel goes on for another 8 pages! Wow. Best to avoid this 2-parter is my advice.