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I didn’t know that. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the bit of trivia.


X-Men 68 - Lobdell/Seagle & Ferry

Bobby and Celia have been captured by Sentinels posing as cops by Iceman keeps his cool.

Meanwhile. Kelly and Gyrich debate some more about OZT and the merits of it’s good for the nation.

Blammo! Escape.

‘Hear me Sentinels!’ Jeez, Bobby sounds like a comic book villain.

Sabra arrives on the scene and handily lets everyone know who she is and where she;s from.

Marrow and Celia get off to a rocky start.

Uh oh, ambush!

I’m a big fan of Ferry’s later work but he was still finding his feet here and although adequate, his art isn’t quite there. Steven Seagle scripts this issue and it’s not good. I seem to remember thinking I wasn’t a massive fan of his X-stuff back in the day (his extended run begins on UXM not long after this issue) and this may just confirm it. Thankfully this whole story line is over next issue.

X-Men 69 - Lobdell & Pacheco/Larroca

Ah, here it is. Sabra’s digging has uncovered Bastion’s secret and weakness. Come on then, spit it out.

Senator Kelly confirms his u-turn on OZT’s policies.

Our heroes track down Bastion’s secret base which happens to be a country house in the Hamptons. Swish!

He’s still being cryptic and why is he not attacking his hated enemy? Also, why aren’t the heroes attacking him?

Ah, there we go. The big throw down. Maybe Bobby is right and the this whole story does center around him.

He can’t stop making a big speech though during the fight.

Then he surrenders to Bastion? Wtf? That’s one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen in a comic book.

SHIELD shows up to put the kibosh on the whole thing so no one has to die. Phew!

Bobby gives Marrow a life lesson.

The cover revelation that, ‘the x-men will never be the same again’ is pure hyperbole as in fact nothing has really changed at all except this big mess of a crossover has finished. Most annoying of all is that Bastion’s origin still hasn’t been revealed (turns out he’s actually Nimrod who becomes the Sentinel Master Mold) and what about Sabra’s claims about knowing his weakness?


It gets revealed in an Annual doesnt it? Machine Man/Bastion '98?


I think you might be right. I have that coming up soon.


I quite like “this time you’ve gone too far!”, like killing all those mutants was bad, but this is worse.


I’m reading 52 and Superman: New Krypton


I’m reading the first trade of JLI again, and I want to say that I want to get my hands on the entire series. The one problem though, is the whole thing about a TV show host not trusting the heroes and spreading mistrust through his show. Maybe it makes more sense in terms of the DCU as a whole at the time, but that strikes me as more Marvel.


New Krypton started off great, developed quite well then DC seemed to get bored with it all.


Uncanny X-Men 348 - Lobdell & Madureira

With the long overdue conclusion to OZT happening in the sister book, Uncanny concentrates on the trial of Gambit as Nanny turns vicious.

Meanwhile, Deathbird psins some lies to the comatose Bishop for reasons all her own.

Whoa, we’re dealing with a psycho here methinks.

Rogue’s powers are out of control and she starts channeling thoughts and emotions of people she’s touched in the past.

So Joseph is finally accepting that he was once Magneto.

Spat says Gambit wouldn’t believe who hired her. That rules out Sinister surely?

Is Rigue about to learn Remy’s dirty little secret?

This scene sure doesn’t bode well for the future.

Uncanny X-Men 349 - Lobdell & Bachelo

We open with that standard Lobdell staple, recap via character monologue.

Mutant suppressors!

Don’t get too mushy Rogue, trouble is a brewing.

The enigmatic stranger is still wandering around but he gets bum rushed by Psylocke.

A bit of discrimination there from Psylocke. What’s wrong with the name Maggot?

Rogue starts getting flashes of Gambit’s past.

Advert for Marvel Imports. How long did that imprint last. Not long would be my guess.

Friend or foe?

Nanny get nasty.

More mysteries.

Big revelations promised for the next issue.

Uncanny X-Men 350 - Lobdell/Seagle & Madureira/Smith

Nice gatefold covers with shinny bits. I’m a sucker for a gimmick cover.

Flashback to a scene with Gambit cutting a sinister deal with, well, Mr Sinister.

Fart joke!

Hank fears Joseph is slowly changing back into his Magneto persona.

Jeez, Warren wastes no time in getting jealous. Pretty boys eh.

Good job Rogue recalls that ‘seventh sense’ power.

Boom! He’s here, but who is he?

Are you kidding me? Erik the Red?

And somehow Angel, Psylocke and Maggot got transported to Antarctica to be where the others are.

This dude means business.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Angel doesn’t seem interested in hearing Gambit’s defence.

Exhibit 3

So in fact Gambit didn’t really know what was going to happen that night and he even tried to stop it.

Too little too late as far as Rogue is concerned.

That helmet looks familiar.


Well, what to say about all that. I can’t help but feel that Gambit’s history with Sinister and the Marauders is all a little, ‘meh, so what.’ and what the hell was all that Erik the Red/Magneto nonsense?


How is it the X-Men have two robot/mecha enemies named Nanny?


And that was before the Count Duckula crossover.


Oh, I wasn’t counting that Nanny because she’s not a robot or mecha.


Just bought the first two trades of the New Teen Titans (1980 series) and I am enjoying this piece of Comic Book history.


Let us know what you think of them. I read bits and pieces of it reprinted (in DC Action I think), but have no idea how it holds up thirty plus years later.


It is very Bronze-Agey, but it’s actually very good for a book of its era


Cool. It is the George Perez and Marv Wolfman (which I still think is the coolest name ever), right?

I have been thinking about getting the books, so I’m interested to hear what you think.


Has there ever been a really good series about superhero animals? Not necessarily like ZOOTOPIA meets MARVEL, but like all about the Krypto character or another pet that’s secretly also and intelligent superhero. Or like Tawky Tawny, the talking tiger in the SHAZAM! comics.

WE3 is about the closest I can think of.


There was an issue of Deadpool where he teamed up with Brute Force, which is a group of superhero animals that starred in a crappy miniseries in the late 80s (IIRC), and I’ve heard good things about the DP issue, though of course, being DP it’s more comedic, and also, everyone knows that Brute Force is intelligent.



I’ll check those out. I think we need more comics about super pets!