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Okay, so I'm going to A Star Wars premiere tomorrow


No biggie. Just going with Mark Hamill and his family.

You know how it goes.



Oh man, you’re going to meet The Trickster? Cool!





Congratulations, Mark. Do you ever wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self all the cool things you’ll get to do?


If you can’t get in see if there’s a screening of Candleshoe close by . . .


Or possibly The Goodbye Girl :smiley:


No! Because than he would become lazy and expectant!

Marks genius is due, in part, to the fact that he never lost his sense of awe.


Funny I usually hear people saying they want to warn their younger self about the stupid things they’ll do! :wink:
I won’t be seeing it until Christmas Day, nobody post spoilers for another 2 weeks or so!
Congrats @Mark_Millar on getting to see it before our side of the world and in such company. It’s like "I’m going to the Coronation…with the King! :smile:


Happy Mark Hamill Month!

I’m delighted he’s getting his due. Did a grand (albeit a bit short) turn as the Trickster on the Christmas Flash episode. You how star-struck I’m not, but Hamill’s a dude I could hang out with and discuss normal stuff.

Hope you all have a great time and neverending nerdgasms!


I can’t make it sadly. I’ve got the Newfield Primary School Nativity.



I’m also going, but I bring some of my most beloved friends instead. Love trumps Fame.

Trump trumps nothing.


Anders that’s quite touching.

Did you mean the premiere or Newfield Primary Nativity? :wink:


My direct boss will be there tonight, alas because of the demand, it’s not one I’ll be going to. But having seen it, I can say that you’ll have a blast.

I’ve kept quiet about this for all this year and I’m looking forward to people’s reactions to it - though remember fellow posters, it’s only a movie and I’m sure it won’t be for everyone, and that’s ok (you’ll just be dead to me :smile: )


I almost cut ties with a longtime friend for ranking Revenge of the Sith above Return of the Jedi. :wink: