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Okay, I never post football stuff here...


…but Kingsley the new mascot for Patrick Thistle is just TOO GOOD!!!



Brilliantly weird. Like a two-year-old trying to draw Lisa Simpson.


Almost as scary was one of the presenters on GMTV doing an impression of the mascot this morning. Eerie.


Every time I see a bizarre mascot, I have the same question.

Why are there mascots?

Kids, this is what happens when you watch Spongebob on acid.

Don’t do drugs.


I think this mascot, as stupid as it looks, is a piece of marketing genius.

Partick Thistle are being talked about all over the world right now.


But are Kingsman Finance… er… Kingsoft Investment … uh … whatever they’re called, being talked about?



[quote]“I think it does look angry in photographs but when you see it in person
it’s completely different - it’s seems like a happy face,”[/quote]

Just like me!