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Oh, for HUCK's Sake!


not even my sense of humour?!


This story is so lovely! I’m a sucker for anything to do with pets though. That art is just stunning too. Wow!


awwww, thank you…i am the same…
i miss not having a dog!
Just waiting for this writing malarkey to hopefully pan out and i’ll get one :blush:

oh and i can’t wait to read yours too!


I have a cat and while I love dogs, that’s my highest level of maintenance I can do for pets. Haha… but yeah!

Also, oh my gosh, thank you. I’m excited to share it but also incredibly nervous… everyone seems to have had such amazing stories!


i look forward to ripping it apart! :joy:
I’m kidding, i am incredibly excited to read all the entries!

Honestly, you have no need to be nervous at all, i am 100% sure it is going to be AMAZING, cat lady! :wink: .

Psssst…i want a bulldog…and I’m gonna call him Fudge :grin:


Oh goddddddddd, don’t rip my story apart! Ahahaha that’s what the editing process is for!

I’m obsessed with pugs. I know they have all kinds of problems and they’re ridiculous but I just love em. Also: french bulldogs. GUH, so cute.



I don’t have enough awwwwwws for this, Matt.

Hucking adorable. :cry: :heart_eyes: :dog2: :two_hearts:


Awwww, thanks B!
I am glad you liked it
Thank you for the kind words and for continuing the word play on HUCK’s name! :joy:


You’re a most excellent huckster of comics! :slight_smile:


i just hope this thread doesn’t become just a free for all n MillarWorld Comic name puns!


Your pupsy plays ball better than Huckleberry Hound!


oh dear! :grimacing:




You has the huck of de Irish! :shamrock:




it begins! :sob:


Y’all should really just go Huck yourselves!


Oh, for HUCK’s sake!!!
Stop :wink:


Bumping up as @Mark_Millar is back online and I know he’d like to see it.

Sneak peek at my NEW Comic and a Colour Question for you all!

Thanks?! :grimacing: