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Oh, for HUCK's Sake!


it is taking all of my maturity to not say what i want to say here!
…ask…mrs…no…nope…restraint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay. I was having A Scanner Darkly moment…

Or maybe you were…


ha ha ha


So incredible to see whole thing. I love how driven you are!!!
Nothing will stop you - not even not winning! True sign of a winner.
And you are a great writer too! Total package


Phil Buckenham art is incredible. I remember when you sent me the page, I thought it was a page from actual Huck book, but could not place the issue- Ha! Great job on colors! And lettering is great!!


As always you are waaaaaaay too kind, thank you! :slight_smile:


so damned cool


I wonder if @Mark_Millar will ever take a gander at this? Would LOOOOVE to hear that!


Never, ever, no never ever think Mark does not prowl the dark corridors of his website!


HA - What an image!!!


What Miqque doesn’t know, won’t hurt him. :wink:


That last page is absolute killer. To be honest I read through the whole thread to see if Mark had said anything.


Very well done! The artwork definitely has a Huck feel to it too!


Matt is my favourite Matt.


He’s getting there for me too. Though he still has a little way to go before he surpasses that tin of magnolia emulsion I used to paint the hall and landing in about ten years ago.


Oh man… I totally forgot about that.

Matt is my second favourite Matt.


One thing - you forgot
The Cover - here use this


@DIZEVEZ for the Huck movie poster. Drew Struzan eat your heart out. :smile:


I go out for a few beers and come back to all this mischief!..i love it! :smiley:

Nah, doubt it, he is a busy bloke, but that’s cool… :smiley:
Plus, this was just for fun…because I wanted to make it….

You know I only EVER use @Dizevez covers!
I do love that HUCK/ Channing painting!
You are an amazing talent!

Cheers Duke…glad you liked it.
No Chief comment yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks Skip, Phil is a fantastic artist….i know he is a busy boy and has some exciting stuff coming out soon…so keep your eye out for him…

We all know that I cannot compete with paint…maybe one day…maybe

Couldn’t agree with you more, Simon :wink:


I haven’t watched you dry yet :thinking: