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Oh, for HUCK's Sake!



I agree. Writing it is a small part, doing it much bigger, selling it bigger again.

I didn’t mean to throw Jim under any bus, maybe just a Smart car or something similar.


Thanks, Fella, much appreciated.

For me, it was never really about “winning” don’t get me wrong finally seeing one of my stories published (other than Self-published) would have been lovely, but i went in to this this year simply as an exercise to have the chance of writing someones else’s characters…i just like making comics, for me that’s enough.

But i can read between the lines there, @garjones wink wink “blame Jim” wink wink :joy:

If i was a sweaty guy like Edison, i’d use that excuse too! :joy:

Incredibly kind of you to say, thank you! :blush:


couldn’t agree with you more! :wink:


For me, it is juts the case of i don’t see the point of having a comic if no one is reading it…that’s why i always push mine.


This is hugely important because the comics need to be read for people to know your name. How do you approach your exposure? Do you use social media and the like?


i am a twitter whore! :grimacing:
So, i bombard everyone with new projects as they come out…sneak peeks, freebies etc.
Also, MillarWorld too, without this forum i would never have made and kept making comics…it has been incredibly instrumental in that…so, you all only have yourselves to blame! :joy:


Hahah that’s hilarious! I’m so new to this stuff that trying to start conversations with people has been awesome thus far!

It’s so weird because there are so many people that are willing to give advice or take a look at something on here or twitter.


@hguarderas you should read Matt’s (REALLY LONG :fearful: ) posts about how he makes his comics, here:

It’s all really interesting and useful information if you want to make your own comics. Matt’s done it very successfully, and if he can do it then anyone can :wink:


its what communities do, pickle!
We are all here to help! :wink:

This may help too:


Slowpoke :stuck_out_tongue:


This is definitely super useful and you guys are snippy with each other, god dog! Yeah this is definitely I’m going to look into.


i can neither confirm or deny my poking…


Definitely going to read this over tonight after class! Thanks for the advice!




One thing Matt does correctly is build up a relationship online. I’ve been here a long time now and have seen hundreds of writers try and just turn up and promote a comic.

They all get a single post and drop off the board, nobody gives a shit and why would they when we have so many potential distractions in our lives? Matt’s thread has several hundred posts (and at best only half of them by him) :smile:


the other half are from my secret account that even the moderators don’t know about…


The paranoia sets in…


I picked up the latest issue of Image+ at my LCS yesterday. In the opening comic and editorial, Brandon Graham and the editor talk about this concept from Brian Eno called “scenius”. It posits that great talent doesn’t necessarily arise from a lone genius but often from a scene where a group of like-minded people are collaborating and riffing on each others ideas. I instantly thought of our Creative Central and hoped that it could really be that kind of place.


that is lovely…and i do think that this is MillarWorld…well it is to me, anyway…over the last 6ish years i’ve grown so much because of this place…not just weight either.


Matt…are you @SimonJones?

Be honest now.