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Oh, for HUCK's Sake!


Like many of my MillarWorld brothers and sisters, i didn’t manage to win a spot inside the annual this year, which is cool…again congratulations to all the winners.
I cannot wait to see you stories, i am sure they are fantastic!

After the contest i found myself in a quandary, because i really liked my story and those of you who know me, know that i don’t usually write “sweet” stories.
The year before was different, the BIG joke i did for my Chrononauts script i actually pinched from CHUNKS #3, so i am still using that one. :wink:
This year was different…i can’t really see a place where i can reuse it, plus i wrote this for HUCK and i liked that…its fun to write other peoples characters, as well as my own.

The problem is, there is no point having a story if no one is reading/ seeing it!

so, I WENT AND MADE IT! :smiley:

With the help of my good friend and collaborator Phil Buckenham (who i made my Swamp Thing story with: we put together my entry.

Phil is on Art…i was on colour (sorry, i’m still learning) and Letters.

All character, locations, EVERYTHING are of course are created and owned by Mark Millar & Rafael Albuquerque…and this was made purely as a “fan” comic and i will not be printing it anywhere or anything…it is just for show…

This is my gift to the Forum, i hope that you all like it.



The following takes place after page of HUCK #1

What ship you say?

Well, my idea was to try and link my story back into the actual series, but NOT effect it…so i got my idea from this panel in HUCK #2


Nice one Matt, Phil’s art is great too


This is great.

One million points.


Thanks…and Phil is great, i completely agree with you! :wink:

a million?!
Wow, i must be winning?



I guess it’s pretty close between you and RobertB, Gareth, and everyone else who posts.


i better make a another new comic and quick then?!


Another million points!


coughs THE ETHER…coming soon coughs

Art by the amazing and wonderful @DIZEVEZ :wink:


It was a great script. Reading it brought a tear to my eye. It is an even better comic.


awwwww, shut up :blush:




Wow! In the hubbub around getting everything together for the annual and the holidays, I forgot to ask for your script to read this time. I’m kind of glad I did so I could experience it in full comic first. That really is amazing. Great job!


Thank you kindly, Sir
A few people knew i was making it, so had sneak peeks, but i didn’t want to “tease” it until it was ready.
If i am honest, i had Phil all Tee’d up to draw it before the results even came in…because i knew by hook or by crook i was going to make it…
in retrospect i can see that it wasn’t good enough to win, but i just liked the idea of Mickey losing his ball and Huck finding it for him…kinda sweet…which is soooooo not me! :joy:
Maybe i’m changing in my old age?! :grin:




A sentiment we can all get behind.


I’m in a “Merf” state at least twice a day! :smiley:


Really enjoyed that! Paced out well and love the ending.


Neither Ronnie or I judged the Huck scripts so we can deflect any blame on someone else (Jim).

Just kidding, this a really good strip but we emphasised many times in the contest and judging feedback that we got a lot of good stories (and this year for me definitely way better than last).

It’s kind of natural, we’ve all been there, that if you don’t win something you are entered into some pit of self-doubt and despair but again Matt you set the example for all by just doing it anyway. That is 90% of the way. Awesome work.


I’m a monster.


Unlike my esteemed colleague, I wasn’t trying to throw Jim under the bus. :wink:

I do think you stand out because of your determination, Matt. I think that matters as much or even more in this business than raw talent.