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Officially open for business.


Hope it’s ok to post in hopes of work on here. Let me help you realize your dream of creating a graphic novel. I am officially a full time contract artist. If anyone needs pencils, colors, or concepts. Let me know. Thanks guys and gals.


Sent you an email through your site Collin, from my phone though so hope it worked. Love your work!


Incredible artwork


AWESOME! I will contact you about colors soon! :slight_smile:


Updated Hazel work. Some print outs to view my progress.


Absolutely killing it @Cfogel !!
I would kickstart it if I was you.
Image won’t even look at anything these days without 4 issues in the can or an establish team.
Your art alone would get great miles on Kickstarter.


Thanks mark! I’ve been a little shy about Kickstarter. Hoping a big publisher will recognize the hot property but you might be right😳 Once I get issue 1 complete(1 of 3 for this mini series kick off) I plan to send it out again. Might just have to go with a smaller publisher.