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Official Feedback for 2015 MW Annual Submissions


Hi writers and artists,

Congrats to all who entered, you may not have been chosen this time but you’re one up on those who procrastinated about putting together art or a script for the MW Annual but ultimately didn’t. You’ve got the initial experience in putting a comic project together, and that, my friends, is a great first step toward being published professionally one day.

As part of our ongoing creative community here, we want to help you. And so, we’re willing to spend our time for free in giving feedback and notes on what could improve your finished piece.

So here’s how it works - put your name down in this thread below and the name of the comicbook you submitted and you get a paragraph of feedback.

If you want to get a fully detailed page-by-page feedback review of the work you submitted, then I want you to help be part of this creative community - go into the Creative Forums and start a thread to pimp your own work and help support the many other creators in there by posting encouragement and critiques in their threads. Once I see you’ve gotten over 100 posts on MW (at least half in the Creative section) then you get the detailed feedback (I’ll be checking the users in the list below on a monthly basis).

I’m doing it this way because I want to get us all to aid each other as a community. I was very heartened to see how many of you classy people posted in the results thread and congratulate the winners - a lot of you were already setting your sights on creating more writing/art.

100 posts is a pretty low number (I’ve noticed some of you who submitted to the annual already have 30-40 posts) but it’s really about building a like-minded group of collaborators - I’m hoping this will also connect many of you artists and writers and help you make material on your own - MW is about the spirit of Indie comics and we would be proud to see some of you make your own in 2016!

So, names below for those interested. Thanks!

Here are the winners of the Millarworld Talent Search

Bateserade - “The Bet”

It was a Chrononauts submission.

Thank you kindly in advance for the feedback.


“A Little Worm In A Big Apple” for AMERICAN JESUS.

Thanks for your time and feedback.


Kick-Ass - The American frog and the French chicken
Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys !


Abram Valdez - “American Jesus: Antibody”

Thanks in advance for any notes you may have.


Thanks Sanjay! I’m always up for feedback good or bad, it all helps.

Warren Belfield

Chrononauts - A Fistful of Paradox

I’ve got a thread to pimp my own work here:

And a thread for getting people to be more active in critiquing each other’s work here, where I’ve been giving DM page by page opinions to everyone posting:


Joshua Saxon
Kingsman: Nothing Like The Son

Thanks a lot. Working on the contributions but I’m still a MW baby. I’ve already earmarked some artists to approach in 2016, so here’s to a creative new year!


Adam Goldstein
Starlight: "Menage Étoile"
Thank you very much, guys.


DIZEVEZ 3 pages of art


Ryan King - Starlight: “From Tantalus with Love”

Thanks in advance for helping us young guns out :slight_smile:


Pedro Bignon Santibanez
Starlight: "Frostbite"
Thank you very VERY much for your time, tips and advices. I look forward for any of them. The best way to learn is to listen to them who has experience…


Carlos A. Castaño

Kingsman: “Midday Martini”

Thanks :slight_smile:


Adriano Barone
Secret Service - The Joule-Thomson Eeffect
Thanks in advance!


Just want to say this is really cool of you to take your own time to do this Sanjay! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


patrick j. clarke

Starlight - Encounter in Ehursag

It’s been fun, and looking forward to more great stories to read in both the other thread on this one and the Star Wars story one too!


All - don’t forget Sanjay’s main message, we want to nurture a creative community which he has been tasked with.

That means not just entering and getting your own feedback and wandering off but doing as Mark has done and helping the rest.

With artwork especially many people have posted here as a showcase, CB Cebulski the main talent scout for Marvel comics has named it as a place he checks out and it has borne success. Nicola Scott and David Lafuente as amateurs shared their work here in the ‘creative’ forum before getting gigs for Marvel, DC and Image.

A decent amount of our writing finalists have entered ‘write-off’ contests to hone their craft and get feedback.


Dustin Glaseman
Chrononauts Script: “Mildred”

Thank you, so much, for taking the time to give feedback.



Daniel Bell - American Jesus (The Rat).



Matthew Pacholski

American Jesus - “Prey”