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Off to see Dr Strange tonight with...


…Frank Quitely and John McShane!

You all know Quitely and Glasgow readers will know John. He opened AKA Books and Comics back in 1984 (when I was 14) and I genuinely wouldn’t be working in comics if he didn’t. Just at the age I might have drifted off, especially as news-stand distribution was becoming shakier, he started the business and was a friend of a very nice English teacher at my school called Kevin O’Brien. Kevin told me about the place and I was hooked.

It was a tiny store in the Virginia Galleries at the time, before moving into the much more well-known spot next to Rat records and Obelist Books, run by an old guy called Russell with a fantastically bushy beard. The curio shops in here plus the brilliant cafe downstairs meant you could spend literally hours in there and I often spent my entire Saturdays in this place, just hanging around and talking comics. Once you were a serious regular you even got to hang around back-stage and this is how I met Frank Quitely, Grant Morrison, Gary Erskine (who worked part-time in the store) and all the Glasgow comics scene. It was a bunch of people who loved this stuff that nobody else knew anything about so everybody meeting was always exciting and a great laugh.

John moved on from the story 15 or more years back now, but I’ve always stayed in touch with him as he’s a terrifically funny guy and has great stories going back forever. His store had Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Dave Sim, Will Eisner… anyone you could think of… doing signings.

A top crew to see this with tonight!


I can't find the Dr Strange movie thread!!!!


I have some the fondest memories of my life based on going to AKA while it was in the Virgina Galleries.
Saturday trips to VG involved AKA then to the shop next door to buy a second hand heavy metal album, the 2nd hand book shop and the video & poster shop that I think was opposite AKA.

Back then everything was so exciting. That was a great shop. And it felt real. Never been anything like it since.


So I’ll start another in case it’s been somehow consumed into Marvel movies.

But it’s good fun. A likeable film. Benedict Wong steals it.

I think Marvel movies have quite an easy charm and I realised that tonight. Cumberbatch is pretty good and looks the part, but I wish they’d let him keep his accent as the Hugh Laurie American one kept pulling me out.



It’s right here : This is the Doctor Strange Movie thread!!


I couldn’t agree more.
It wouldn’t have needed any explanation either. It should have just been done.


I’m hiding from the Doctor Strange thread until I get a chance to see the movie.


Don’t worry, Bernadette. We’ll put it in a mirror universe so that it can’t hurt you.


Aside from the accent, did you like it?


Overall, I did but I didn’t love it.
I don’t want to dampen any expectations though. You’ll probably enjoy it more than I did.

X-Men Apocalypse is still my favourite superhero movie this year, and I liked five out of the six so I’m happy. :smile:


Uhm is it out already or did you catch early screenings? =/

Uhm nevermind, seems to be out tomorrow… well here at least =P

My mom’s coming on Sunday so I might wait for her to go watch it together since I have a feeling she’ll enjoy it.


How much did you think it will make?


Much like Mark I started buying comics in AKA round about 1986. My first purchases were x-men 208 drawn by John Romita Jr and some GI joe comics. John McShane is a personal hero!

Loved Dr Strange


It is interesting how “British” the movie is. A lot of English main characters and probably filmed on English sound stages and sets. It’s a secret UK film.


A lot of them are nowadays. The UK offers some very nice tax breaks for making films.

Look at Star Wars: Rogue One. Filmed in the UK with a British director and lead actor.

Edit: Just saw The Guardian released a story along these lines today which is worth a read:


I’ve been saying this about Australians for years but no one listened.

No one! And now how many Australians do you see on screen!? THOR! That’s it! Everyone’s gone bloody British!




Yes. Wolverine. And Thor. Baz Luhrmann, Isla Fisher, Fat Amy and the Voice of Megatron.

THAT’S. IT. :angry:

We were once poised to take over the entire industry …


Do you blame Mel Gibson? :wink:


Elizabeth Debicki’s in GOTG2.