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Odd Places Where You Have Seen Comic Books Sold


In the early 2000s, I went into an adult book and video store. In the store’s atrium, they had a couple of racks of mostly 90s Marvel (and a few DC) comics bagged and being sold at cover price. It was a bit strange.

(I did not go into the store as there was a horrible funk odor to the place and I really did not want to learn more about its source. :neutral_face:)

What are some unusual places where you have seen comic books being sold?


In Supergods, Grant Morrison also talks about comics being sold in an adult magazine store on Buchannan Street in Glasgow during his youth.


An LCS I used to frequent was adjoined to a “used book store” which was actually an adult book store. The comic shop owner rented his space from the book store owner. The manager of the comic shop had worked for both of them. He handled his job as a comic shop employee a bit like Randall runs the video store in Clerks. He said he always preferred the adult book store because no one wanted to talk about their purchases.


Back in the booming 90s, there was a small LCS that was subletting space from a shoe repair and leather working shop near where I lived.


Liquor stores were THE place in the Fifties-Seventies. Please know this was before ubiquitous 7-11’s, so a liquor store or drug store carried a wide array of products as the convenience store does now. Same range of stuff in general, the difference being one sold booze and the other had a pharmacist. So it was the liquor stores and departments that held either the Holy Spinner Rack or the magazines section that was half comics.

Mid-Sixties, there was the little tiny local grocery store - sort of like a bodega, though the word was not known - a block from my friend’s house. In fron they kept a big box of used comics, usually six for a quarter and mostly Archie comics. I kept that box empty! It’s also the first place I came across R. Crumb!