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NYCC, who is going?


I know I am a new head here at the world of Millar, but was wondering who is going to New York Comic Con next week? I will be there myself with my crew form Creature Entertainment, we’ll be selling our comics and such in independent press.

Just wondering what people might be doing or getting into over there. There is always a talk of after parties but either A. they are some crappy club thing where they extort you for money for crap booze or B. so damn exclusive, Stan Lee is waiting outside.


I’m going to be in NYC the week after. Mostly to see Hamilton.


Ron Marz just posted this about signing at cons. It’s an interesting look at what it’s like from a creator’s perspective.


Good luck with the con. I take my hat off to small press folks that run stalls at these things. I dont think I could do it!


I love it man, especially NYCC! It is a marathon and hard work, and it’s amazing how much YOU DONT SEE since you’re nailed to a booth the whole time, but it’s the best.