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Nottingham…The little comic con that could…

Now, I know everyone is REALLY excited for Thought Bubble this week, as you rightly should, because it is the jewel in the UK comic con scene…so, I’ve been told.
(I keep missing it…long story)

BUT…the reason for this thread is I wanted to talk about another con, which is a few weeks later up in Nottingham at The Nottingham Conference Centre – NG1 4BU
I use the term “the little comic con that could” as a term of endearment because this con is getting bigger EVERY year and at the moment it is at a really nice size.
You don’t feel like you are walking around like a penguin, marching in unison.

One of the many good things about this event is, Kevin and his team put on this event every year and use it to raise money for several charities….because not all heroes wear capes!

Kevin and the team put this even on off their own backs, without huge cash in injections from film and game companies and they do it VERY well.

It’s a great, family friendly comic con and it is going to be held on October 14thQ
You can get your tickets right here:

As for guests…
Like your Marvel and Star Wars?…the one and only Marc Laming will be in attendance.
If you are a fan of all things WHO, well Rachael Smith is gonna be there and one my personal favourites, Sarah Graley (Rick and Morty) shall be there too.
To name but a few…

In addition to those professionals, there’ll be over 80 small press creators (myself included. Come down and poke fun at me) selling their comics…You never know, you might meet the next Mark Millar right there in comic village, so get in on the ground floor!

Also, every wanted to make your own comic, but don’t know where to start?
Well, Kev has you covered too and is hosting a small press comic panel where you can ask creators anything and I mean ANYTHING! (I dress to left before you ask)

I love this con so much I am doing a six hour round trip just to be there for the day…so, you have no excuse!

Come down, bring the family and have a great day…it would be great to meet you!

Lotsa love



Randomly, I happen to be in Nottingham that day as well.


You have no excuse then, mike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They don’t need any competition, Mike!


He is trying to steal my thunder!

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Nottingham and I do not have a glorious history together.


Is is because you’re always breaking into his castle and winning his archery contests?


no strumming cock jokes, please!


If you are looking for me at Nottingham…I’ll be easy to find…just follow the map!
@DIZEVEZ :slight_smile:


But I was singing that just the other day!

“Robin Hood and Little John
Walking through the forest,
Tweedledum and diddledum
I can’t remember the words now.” :musical_note:

I can’t remember why we were singing it either. It was something to do with boats and Andy Serkis and Emily Bronte? I do know the Muppet chickens were mentioned. :confounded:


Ooodalolly oodalolly
Golly what a day.


Because it’s the best Disney film ever!


It might be the best Disney film in the Garveyverse, I’ll give you that. :slight_smile:

I do like the fox.

What the heck does ooodalolly even mean?


Ooo, da lolly.


Well now I wants a rocket lolly.

Ooodalolly sounds like something The Childcatcher would sing.

Don’t ask me. Ask Roger Miller.

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That’s a big lolly

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Or a tiny woman.


Or very clever camera work…

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