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Note to myself I found from last summer!


I don’t know if you guys do this, but I always write myself little lists. They’re always around eighteen months behind where I want them to be, but generally in the right direction. I wrote one last summer that I scribbled in Sharpie and it reads…

1/ Create a big Millarworld project for Greg Capullo
2/ Create a massive DC/ Marvel crossover event like nothing ever seen before
3/ Create a Millarworld project for Adam Hughes once he’s out of his exclusive

I also have something in there about going to the gym 5 days a week, but let’s focus on the first three. One down, two to go!!



I think I speak for everyone when I say you need to make more lists. Good things for happen for us fans when you do. LOL.


I’m hungry for details on the Capullo project can’t wait to see what you both come up with. The other two would be cool but I’d rather see number 3 happen before 2 lol

I always work off lists and have a book full of them and every day make a list of things to do and keep it in my pocket to be ticked off during the day. My wife on the other hand can plan nothing and goes to great lengths to torment me with her lack of planning.


Damn right!


High five to your wife!

I never make lists.
I find that making a list feels like a task, so once I’m done with the list there’s a weird switch that tells me I’ve done enough work on the actual list items. It’s like planning feels like work. So I don’t plan; I do. Kinda like knowing there’s a mountain to climb but I’ll figure out how to get to the top as I go along. It does irk folks who believe in lists though…a LOT! LOL.

Still, it’s a lot more interesting, no?


I couldn’t not do it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t always get everything done on the list but then the next day the items not done are put onto that days list. I even do it on holiday .



So we can write lists and you have to do them?

  1. Big X-Men project w/Fiona Staples.
  2. Buy Tim Ferarri.


Who’s Tim Ferrari? And why’s he for sale?
And does he come in black?


Holiday (n): an extended period of leisure and recreation.


That doesn’t mean it can’t be planned leisure and recreation lol


I found an old note I’d left in one of my school books decades later, it simply said “Get revenge”.

I do not remember anything about this! (which leads me to believe the only logical conclusion - that I’ve since been living an ‘Arnie from Total Recall’ type alternate brainwashed life)


YES! ITS CAAAAAAAA______---------sssssr

< er ro r>

Of course not, Sanjay. How ridiculous. Millarworld loves you!



I think I remember that. Did you take my suggestion that just traveling to the gym and not spending all that time exercising would save you a few hours per week?


Hmm… Intriguing - does one have to actually pay for a subscription or does one need only to go back and forth from said gym to meet this goal.