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Non-Millarworld Dream crossovers


What franchises or other creative property would you like to see the copyright owners agree to do a crossover?


Alien v Predator v Andy Murray


My Little Pony vs. Galactus.


Fight Club 7


Batman V Columbo…


Columbo v The Question


Poirot vs Miss Marple: Whoever Wins, We Snooze


The ultimate Buddy Cop teamup - Bergerac and Cyrano De Bergerac


Is it okay if DC just crosses back over to 1995 or so?


Speaking of “dream” crossovers, I once wrote a Constantine/Matthew the Raven crossover for a Write-Off here. Those were the days.


Hahaha! Someone get ITV2 on the phone now! They’d be all over that!


Deathshead and Deathshead II team up after their Revoultionary wars appearance.
Get hired by the time police to hunt down all characters( from any Media) with the capacity to Time Travel in order to stop them mucking up the universe.
so we get Hank Morgan not messing up merry old England,
Those Damn Dirty Apes who start Planet of the apes.
Almost every superhero and a good few Villians who have existed.(Most of em have time traveled)
Various starfleet Crews, Hermione Granger, Henry DeTamble, Kyle Reese, H.G Wells, The Ninja Turtles and so on.
All the versions of the Doctor. I see DH being vindictive and starting with the last incarnation and working his way back.

Series final is them contracted to contain each other. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!


I’d read that. You had me at Death’s Head.


Crisis of Infinite Sherlocks.

All the past and current Sherlock Holmes get together to fight crime. In space.


Something like that happens in Al Ewing’s novel The Fictional Man. It’s a little sideplot, almost in the background, but a Fictional version of Sherlock Holmes gets murdered and it is investigated by other versions of Sherlock (including an RDJish version who isn’t a very good detective because he was designed to be an action hero). It’s a pretty good book too by the way.


I’d been meaning to read this for a while. This has finally prompted my to order a copy!!!


Dammit I “liked” this in error because I thought you said 1955!


You can “Undo like”, @davidm.


Why? 1955 is fine, too. That would lead into the Seventies!