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This is the story for the setting of my most recent constructed language:
In the beginning, there was Vej, the One. He
created the world and immortal intelligent beings, some of whom were
called the High having no physical form but those that do are called
the Low.
Vej then sent one of the high, Pjativejani, to test the Low.
But Pjativejani was too clever, and his tests consisted of implanting
himself in the souls of the Low who would listen to him, and he slept
with their daughters, who bore him sons of great power.
Then Vej looked at Marylhi and cast Pjativejani away for he had exceeded his task.
He also took those of the Low corrupted by Pjativejani and made them
mortal, the Patra, the corrupted, also known as the Mjurir, the dying
ones. They are like men in our world, some good, some bad. As for
Pjativeani’s children, the Pasjcomjij, the Shadowlings, he weakened
their powers, though they still had inherent magics, as did the
uncorrupted Low, the Njepatra, also called Hjastjaveinij, Vej’s desire.
The Mjurir can learn both normal magics from the Hjastjaveinij and dark magics from the Shadowlings.
one great student of the former there was, but his true names were lost
to history. He also learnt dark magics, and combined both forms of magic
to become the most powerful of the Low. He called himself Tiu, the
Tyrant, and bringing Shadowlings to his side built in the icy north the
great fortress of Tiuni, known to the good as Sjatsatiuni.
One Hjastjaveini studied white magics so deeply that he became second to
Tiu, but the strain made him mortal, albeit very very long-lived. An
alliance of Hjastjaveinij and good Mjurir did he found, and became known as Vjal, the sage.
It is said that when Vjal dies, the great war will begin, and the Mjurir will have a chance to redeem themselves…
NB: In the names of the people(s) and places, j is pronounced as in German, except the cobination “sj” is like “sh” in “sheep”, and “hj” like the first sound in “Human” or the ch in German “Ich”. “lh” is like Welsh “ll” and “y” is a vowel somewhere between the vowel in “meet” and the vowel in “cool”. The other vowels are pronounced as in Spanish.