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No woman in your think tank


I just realized that there are no women among your creators. Why?


Because he is evil and sexist and thinks all women are rubbish


I don’t want to speak for Mark and he could correct me but the hallmark of MW has been top rank artists on his books. There are female top rank artists, like Amy Reeder (who does the Hit Girl covers), or Fiona Staples or Nicola Scott or Sara Pichelli all of which he’s praised but most are tied up with their own successful books.


There was a woman among my creators. Only one, though. One man, too.

Seriously though, are you saying there are no women in the Creative section of the forum? Or no women creators working on Mark’s books?


I just didn’t see any in his website. Sorry for the confusion.


Mark’s editor on the Millarworld titles (his hire) is a woman.


The CEO of Millarworld is a woman ffs


Again. Sorry for the confusion. No disrespect.


I was going by the creators page.


Cool your jets, it’s a fair question. The creators page is all men.


The creators page hasn’t been updated in a while - I blame Netflix now rather than just me not getting around to it.

There’s loads of female artists Mark has wanted to work with over the years, and several that have done covers for him, but so many artists are locked up on contracts with the big two that it’s difficult to figure out scheduling (he needs about 6 months of an artists time on each new book). With so many more projects on the horizon I’m sure he’ll get a female artist working on a book soon. In fact I think he’s already got something set up that hasn’t been announced yet for one of his future books.


How is it a fair question?

Why do you not have female creators on your books?

How do you even answer that?

The question has been asked by someone who has created an account specifically to ask it.

The natural instinct is that he’s trolling.


…also Bryan K Vaughan and Greg Rucka would send hitmen round if he tried to poach Staples and Scott. :smile:


Several good non-testy answers have been given. How do you know the poster is a he, BTW? This forum is a total sausagefest but it isn’t completely impossible the questioner could be a woman.

It’s my impression female creators are quite underrepresented, though I’m not entirely sure if that is the case. So yeah questions like these are fair. I didn’t sense any attack or trolling in the question.


OK. Cool it down a bit guys. As has been demonstrated, there really isn’t a concerted effort to block women from Millarworld books. In fact, they hold very high ranking positions within the company and are being pursued as potential artists.

To be fair, the name on the account is “Jeffrey”. I guess it could be a woman’s name but has never been in my experience.


Ah OK. I just saw “Mitng”.


He’s already apologized, so I think we can put the pitchforks away. There is a problem in the industry with a lack of female representation in general, but considering Mark’s last 4 books have female leads and he’s doing what he can to recruit female artists (can you imagine how mad he is that BKV has Fiona and he doesn’t), picked female winners for the annual and has a woman editor Mark isn’t a good place of inquiry for this line of thought.