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Night owls


I do the majority of my work at night and take a few breaks here and there… any one else on the night shift?


I think you’ll always find someone online since we’re all over the world in here.
When I freelanced, I’d work nights Monday to Thursday, and days Friday and Saturday. Got so much done during on weeknights when the social scene was quiet.
Sometimes, I wish I could go back to that way of working.


I’m meeting a journalist this evening to talk about this topic. Debating how much of a fuss I am going to make.


I am definitely a morning person, always have been. My first job (as a teen) required me to be at work at 6am on weekends, so no matter how late I stayed out on Friday and Saturday night, I forced myself up in the morning. My first post-college job involved getting to various city agencies early to get a good spot on line, so that I wouldn’t have to spend all day there. Eventually it just became a habit, to the point where, even on holidays, Liz and I are up by 6am to get a jump on the events of the day.

Which is why our kids still resent us…


It’s a good thing we have not physically met, Mr. Anti-Matter.

I’m a classic owl. Worked graveyard almost thirty years. Always preferred the night. If it’s noon, it’s time for bed. That’s changed the last few years and I’m closer to the standard schedule.

I’m thinking if I end up in a big city again, it’s back to the midnight creep. Only way to survive urban dwelling!


What time do you go to bed at?


As our resident sleep expert, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on non-standard work hours. I’m also curious about the people who have experiment with extremes like 36 hour days and sleeping 20 minutes every 4 hours. I would have liked to experimented with it myself but it’s never been practical/feasible and I’m just too damned old now. :wink:


36 hrs? Piece of cake… lol
I used to go a good 60 hrs with no sleep… I would go to work 7am Friday morning, then up all night, back to work Saturday, up all night, then I would crash Sunday night Round 12-1…
I noticed that if I had a high calorie intake I would be good with no sleep… by Sunday night tho my eyes would get twitchy and I would space out a Lil bit…
These days I usually get 4-5 hrs of sleep… I wake up when my son does… usually 9-10am… won’t lie it’s ruff and I need my coffee lol
I do the breakfast thing then I help him with some schooling, house work, run what ever errands I need to, usually make lunch and dinner then when it’s gets around 9pm it’s his bed time and I go to work til bout 4-5am… I have to make myself go to sleep or else I’ll be up all night


I’m a big old night owl. Always have been. I can see in the dark, I sing the most somber songs and I fly silently, as I’m zeroing in for the kill. Meaning, yeah, I do my best work at night. Ok, I don’t sleep all that much to begin with, but the night time is the right time, it’s the time where I come to life. I also experimented with polyphasic sleep and had some fruitful experiences with it, but found it pretty much impractical in my daily life for the most time.

All in all, sleep is a big mystery to me. It even scares me a bit. And sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something while I’m asleep. I’d say the only thing I like about sleeping is the dreaming part. Now, dreams are a mighty thing.


I can def relate to the feeling like I will miss out on something when I sleep


I climb into bed most weeknights at 10, watch the news or read until 11, then turn off the light. Weekends it’s usually an hour later. My alarm clock goes off at 5:30, but I often wake up before the alarm.


There was an episode of one of Professor Lord Winston’s biology type shows where he showed that at some point during our teens our bodies decide if we are owls or larks. There’s not too much you can do about it.

I actually got up for work today at 05:45 but that was out of necessity to avoid traffic and get some stuff done. Without that need when on holiday etc I will revert to a later and later pattern until I am sleeping at 2-3am.


I’m a night owl by nature, and a practicing one for years - however a change in job with a long commute had my getting up at 5.20am weekdays for about 5 years and I’ve become a terrible sleeper as a result

I forced myself to go to bed at 11 as I was low in energy and mood and in recent years I’ve gone from someone who was fine on about 5 hours sleep to someone who doesn’t feel right with less than 8 (which rarely happens so I always feel fucked)

I want to stay up late, I hate going to bed, but be been forced to go to bed early by a combination of kids and work

I’m definitely not a morning person, I feel I could comit murder most mornings on my way to work


I have had several 1st shift jobs and I hate waking up before the sun… it’s should be illegal

Some mornings I feel like the walking dead while my son is like the road runner on speed… those r the dbl dose of coffee days lol


I wish I felt well enough to kill something. Mostly I make coffee on autopilot and grumble.


I am such a Night Owl, that when I don’t have School (unless it’s Sabbath, Yom Kippur or one of the Yom Tov Holidays) I turn nocturnal. I slept from 7:30 am to 4 PM today. My mind works better at night.


I prefer night shifts myself… only hard to do these days with an active child running around lol


This is exactly why I started working graveyard shifts. Now there some stuff to adjust blind folks’ circadian rhythms. Have no clue as to whether this could help owls adjust to stupid lark world. I’d consult somebody in Dr. Mike’s sleep specialty.

Glad you mentioned it. Last couple-two months, I’ve been falling asleep around 2a and waking anywhere between 8a and 10a. Sleeping in has become annoying. I fear it may be a first sign of senility. The only cure, I fear, is partying. I. Hate. Aging.

(Oh, being old is no problem. It’s the annoying process!)