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Nick-Names for Americans in Asia


Specifically Thailand. ARE there any?

I don’t mean racial slurs. I mean in the same way that one Welsh guy in a crowd might be known as Taffy or a Scot as Jock. Is there anything an American in Thailand especially might be known as by people who like him?



@Kiel would probably be a good person to answer this one.


@Mark_Millar Yep, I’ve been living here three years. If you give me more details of what you’re looking for I could tell you anything you need, but if you’re just looking for what a Thai person would generally call a white foreigner, it depends on if they’re saying it to that person’s face or to other Thai people.

Most likely, there isn’t any term of the type you’re looking for, if I’m understanding you correctly. If a foreigner has a warm relationship with Thais, though, they might use the same terms for that foreigner that they use for other Thai people, which are mostly terms that specify age-relative relationships or occupations. So for instance, some of my friends call me P’Kiel, the P’ is a way of saying something like elder sibling, or respectable slightly older person. Many others simply call me ajarn, which just means teacher, because… I’m a teacher. No one would ever call me Yank or anything similar to that.

Edit again: It’s different in other parts of Asia, to some extent. Anyway, just let me know and I’ll give you whatever details I can.