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Nice Con 2018


Nice Con, Bedford’s comic con returns this weekend after a year off.

Is anyone from the forums going to be there?

I will probably be going to the Saturday with Logan.


Been meaning to take a trip to this but something always comes up :sob:


I had a weekend ticket but the Mrs’ sister inconveniently booked her short notice wedding for the Saturday so I’m only going to the con on Sunday now.

However, there have been quite a few guest cancellations so one day is probably enough.


Well…now you mention it.



Well that is me definitely attending now then!


I got a last minute table because they had a couple of cancellations! :slight_smile:


I just got assaulted by a giant tangerine…


So either Donald trump or Garvey in one of his subtle shirts.


Oh so subtle…


Stood out though, didn’t I?!
For all the wrong reasons…I’ll give you that.
Great to finally meet you, buddy!



You know what they say about meeting your heroes…

Let’s just say it’s a good thing you’re not my hero…

Logan seemed to have a good day. He even seems to have been a bit inspired (by the artists, not the bearded writers).


Mate, it was an absolute pleasure eating you…at least we never have to do it again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The funniest thing that happened at N.I.C.E comic con this weekend was when THIS guy introduced himself…

“Hi, I’m Matt Garvey!”

Me: “No, I’m Matt Garvey"

So there are now two of us & he always gets tagged in FB posts about me!!! :rofl:

It was like looking into a better looking mirror…I think we can all agree that I should now be known as The “lesser” Garvey

So I literally sold comics to myself too! :rofl::rofl::rofl: