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Next month's Huck #4 movie variant cover



Grinning from Ear to Ear. That’s awesome.


Its a little obscure :smile:


Yeah I don’t get the reference. :wink:


You know what would be great?
If Huck and all the major male characters were women.
And all the major female characters were men.
That seems like what this idea needs.


That’s great!


I ain’t afraid o’ no Huck!


Now I know who I’m gonna call!


Wednesday I found the Goonies and Huck Brothers variants to go with my Field of Dreams, so much for not collecting single issues! Wait until you see the custom frame I’m making for this series. :wink:


Post it when you do it!



Is that something you have done before or is this the first?


I’ve done quite a few custom frames that are themed to the art and/or photo but never a comic book.


Sounds very cool. Love to see the finished article. Your a man of many talents!