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Newspapers/ Magazines you read...


I just got news that one of my favorite papers The Village Voice is going out of print and moving online. Makes me wonder what newspapers and magazines do you read for news, culture, social commentary etc? (Please no religious or booty magazines.)

I read the Voice, Time Out, a few Computer magazines here and there but more mags are going online. I used to read Rolling Stone years ago but it isn’t the same anymore. I used to leaf through Esquire and GQ just to see what looks good…

Thoughts? Opinions?

On a side note, forgive me but I always found people who read The NY Times and Wall Street Journal to be stuffy, thinking they have a masters degree in maturity. But I digress… Anyone like Wizard? :grinning:


Whoa. Village Voice is a staple, like Rolling Stone. I haven’t been to a doctor in a while so not caught up on older magazines. Never really read magazines regularly, but I’ll plow through Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Atlantic and a few others if they’re available. Used to subscribe to all the L.A. papers until I moved here. The print editions are not worth it any more, all ads and minimal content.


I subscribe to The Irish Times and Doctor Who Magazine…which probably tells you everything you need to know about me. :grimacing:


We subscribe to Rolling Stone and The Atlantic in print, and The NY Times on-line.


For information, a slightly leftist paper called “Pagina 12”.
For leisure, or fun “Rolling Stone” or, the argentinian version of it “Inrockuptibles”.


I used to read Wired but got tired of it. My interest started to wane at about the time they got rid of the Found: Artifacts from the Future page at the back of the magazine.


I was a regular reader of Q for a decade or so from newsagents - I still pick it up occasionally; it depends on the cover. Do I want to be seen buying and carrying around something with a picture of [Green Day/P!nk/whoever] on it?

I also spent a while tracking down back issues (of Q and other magazines) including reviews of or features on my favourite musical act; that would be much harder now as pretty much every second hand book and music shop in the city is gone (there were a good half dozen of them ten years ago, most had a big stack of random comics too).


Nothing in paper anymore. I did have a subscription to Time until a few months back as it was really cheap (under $1 an issue) but found them stacking up unread so cancelled it.


I have a subscription for

And I’d just cancelled subscriptions for both Total film and Empire, as they’ve both got progressively worse over the last few years in terms of their coverage and the quality of the writing and reviews - although I really like Jamie Graham from Total Film. I just don’t get the time to go to the cinema as much so there’s not much point in getting excited about stuff I’m not going to get the chance to go and see. I’ll pick back up again in a couple of years when the kids are a bit older.

I pick up the odd horror mag every couple of months, but Starburst does some decent horror coverage.

Newspaper wise I don’t trust any of them any more, so I generally just read the Glasgow Herald and I ready the sports pages of the Daily Record.
If I had more time I’d probably still pick up The Guardian and The Times, not for their news, but for the cultural coverage and interesting articles.

I hate reading papers online, but I don’t have time to justify buying a newspaper every day.


I get my news from the BBC. At various points in the past I’ve tried buying a daily newspaper, but there’s so much text in a (serious) newspaper that I honestly can’t read one in a day! Not if I want to read books and/or comics too. It was getting to the point where I would get to Friday and still be part way through Tuesday’s paper and wondering what to do with the rest of the stack.

So what’s the secret to reading newspapers? I don’t think I’m that slow a reader.

I think most people who buy a daily newspaper must skim the headlines and pick out a few articles to read, then bin the rest. I’m too OCD about reading for that; if I start reading something I have to read every word. That’s just impossible with a daily paper at my reading speed.


In my experience newspapers are usually divided up into sections; you can just not read the ones that don’t interest you. I subscribed to a newspaper for years, and could usually get through it in full* during my 30 minute lunch break.

*Skipping the sports section, half the business section, real estate, and fashion/style.


I only ever read the comics in the newspaper if I ever pick one up. :wink:


I only ever buy a newspaper if I’m on a long journey and want to do a crossword or a sudoku. I’d never buy one to actually read.


Used to love the Los Angeles Daily News for that. Two crosswords (sometimes a third in the classifieds), word search and sudoku. And a fairly good entertainment section.


Only buy it on a day when you have time to read it. I just get a paper on Fridays and Saturdays because I know that I will have time (and during elections etc.).

I get mine delivered so I can read it on the commute to work.


My experience is similar to Andrew’s. I used to subscribe to a local paper: I would read every article in the main section, the local section, and the entertainment section, then flip briefly through the business and sports sections, and was done before the end of my morning commute (approx. 35-40 minutes).


That’s fine if important things only happen in the world on Fridays and Saturdays, but how can you guarantee that??? :confused:


Fair point.

Buying them is mainly driven by the other content in the paper on those days (i.e. Friday has movie reviews and some columns I like, Saturday has a magazine my wife likes). I also have a digital subscription to the paper, so I can read everything online through if there is some breaking news… and not be hit by pesky paywalls (which was a nice added bonus and didn’t cost me anything extra). And if anything happens in the world that means that I want to buy a paper, I will buy one. Usually around election time, my house is full of the things.


I mentioned Rolling Stone magazine before as one that covers music, politics, and overall pop culture putting it in perspective. I don’t see it as being what it used to be…

Any other magazines you recommend?


This is the only music magazine I could recommend. It doesn’t cover politics, but as you can see it’s up-to-the-minute on important pop culture.