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New here. Word on the net is this is a really good place to meet like minded peeps and maybe even make some friends or even land a gig or two. So here’s a little spiel about me and a few samples of my work. Thanks for checking me you and here’s hoping to new pals, new styles, and new collaborators.

I’m Don Edwards and I specialize as a FULL PRODUCTION ARTIST that encompasses comic book art (pencils, inks, letters, colors, and layouts), character concept art, kid’s books, multi-media cover design (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.), movie poster design, logos, photo manipulation, and web-based graphics!
ABOUT ME: 6 years of experience in comics, film, trading cards, video games, and more. FULL production artist. All styles and genres.
CLIENTS: A.J. Brown Productions, The Southside Messenger, Blue Water Studios, Gary Mraz, celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan, Dark Horse Comics, Thunderfrog Comics, Town of Keysville, VA, Strangebedfellows Theater, and many more!
PROJECTS: The Sakai Project, Jesus E. Lee# 4, Thunderfrog Children’s Anthology Project Vol.3, Zombie Mayhem, and several others.
Thanks! Have an awesome day!

Contact information:
Email: (
Twitter: (@GreenDuckie)
Facebook (fan page):


A client list can be made available at request.

Thanks for your time!


Welcome to Millarworld, Don. Hope you enjoy the place.


Nice linework there, Don. Welcome to MW!


Welcome to the boards! Your artwork is great!