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New Suicide Squad trailer looks amazing!


BVS will soon be wiped from our collective mind, though I like how much debate it’s generated here. All will be forgiven once Suicide Squad hits I think. As long as it’s funny this could be Guardians. If it’s not it could be Mystery Men. But I have a weird good feeling about it. Never underestimate Will Smith in a commercial movie. Once a movie star, always a movie star. Also, The Joker. Also, Margot Robbie, who I genuinely think I’ve fallen completely in love with.



Margot Robbie is super nice! I met her a couple of times when she was working on Neighbours and was super sweet and unaffected.

She is pretty much conclusive proof that Aussies are the superior species :smile:


Aussies are all uniformly good-looking. I don’t know why this is, but I’ve never met an unattractive Australian!



I liked what I had seen of Suicide Squad but the new trailer has definitely upped the anticipation for me. Think we will have a fun couple of hours on our hands at worst.


See, that looks dark and fun.


Yes! In your face, New Zealand!


Interesting idea.

Basically it suggests that some process of natural selection has worked because attractive people are more resistant to snake bites. And spider bites. And sharks. And jellyfish stings. And poisonous fish spines. And heat stroke.


Don’t be ridiculous! We’re just always drunk so we don’t notice those things.

Suicide Squad!!!


So, the population of Australia itself is an extended Suicide Squad team?

re: SS - I dug the previous trailer and this one, I’m in for this! (Viva Margot Robbie!)


They’re known to be quite vexing.




on reflection I may of taken this a bit far… but nothing like good old ANZAC banter


I don’t even care if it’s funny.
As long as we get slimy scumbag Captain Boomerang


I don’t know where that guy’s from (Seeth Efrica? not sure) but he makes a good point about Aussies winning everything and also being super humble.


You’ve clearly never watched Prisoner Cell Block H. :smile:


Oh they were all Welsh doing accents.


I was thinking about bringing up the rugby world cup final but realised you got one over us in the cricket :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh we always have you in the cricket. And, to be fair, you’ve always got us in the Rugby.

Poor England though … I mean, they kick us out of the Motherland and basically just created nations of superhumans.


This continues to look better and better (although I said that about BvS too).

Margot Robbie is a delight.


That answers that