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Hi Guys

I am a new start comic book writer and i have a great idea, i was looking to try and get some food for thought on techniques and storyboard setup. I want to hit this running as the concept i have is huge and may take some time to follow up in say 5 or 6 Graphic Novels, or a very long TV Series.

I want to use this here as a place to gather experiences from experienced writers and maybe even find some Artists I could use as well.

Come on lets get creative


My first advice is figure out what you are writing for. TV or graphic novels. They are two different mediums with different strengths and if you try to write a graphic novel so it could be easily adapted as a TV series, then you will likely miss the mark.

Also start writing it today. Either plot the story out in detail or just flat out jump into the script. You always have time to change things. There have been studies about how when someone talks about doing something their brain actually thinks they are accomplishing it, when they haven’t written anything. Use action to produce that response in your brain.

Lastly, if you want help from great writers read their work. Don’t just passively read it, actively read it. Think “Why did that make me laugh, or why did that make me cry?” Deconstruct their story and think about what you liked and what you didn’t.


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This is exactly how I read posts on Millarworld. Usually I’m answering the latter question.


Get a notepad and start working out the story. Piece by piece figure out the structure. The characters. Their journeys. Their backgrounds. The scenes you want to include, the twists you want to add, the story you want to tell and the meaning of the story. Figure the whole thing out before you start to write it. You can figure it out on the fly but that’s always a more painful process, like building a house without a floorplan.


Also, to add to what Jim is saying, think about your character’s motivations. Like real life, most should just be trying to get through their day without incident until the character(s) who is/are the antagonist of the story shows up or a terrible situation arises. The more horrible you can be to your characters the more engaging - and eventually fulfilling - their journey will be.


Thanks guys

Yeah the story ark is just so big and complex as I have time travel involved. Struggling to start somewhere, I have a very good understanding of how it is going to go but my issue is laying it out in a Comin/GN I am struggling with.

Craguecook - I am writing it as a Graphic Novel first of all then Script it for TV to pitch to a Television Company later. I was thinking about using Scrivner and also converting it in to a mini Novel as I script it, get it on Kindle then see how it goes. Self Publishing for books seem to be the most affordable way.

Jim - I am about to buy the biggest whiteboard I have ever owned, my plan is to Brain Map the whole first season out on it. I have already written twelve character bios up at present got a fair few more to go. Once I have these completed then I think I will be in a good position to start scripting. As for story plot I have that in my head just now so a synopsis is next, maybe even a synopsis for each episode/chapter.

ParkerMcCombe - I have an antagonist but no one else knows he is in the story, that’s my dirty little secret. Keeping that a surprise for later on in the show, like a jack in the box. Lots of mad crazy and bad stuff is going to happen to the folk in this show, this will be the hook keep people on the edge of their seats.

Thanks guys I look forward to some more chats on here don’t know why I didn’t sign up before.