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New Star Wars: Rogue One trailer


What do we think?

I lost my mind at the first trailer and I love the poster and the baddie and the diverse cast makes it feel very new and different and a non-Skywalker beast all of it’s own. And and and…

But I have to say I felt a slight tremor in the force and it was a criticism of Episodes 1-3 and something Jim O reminded me of the other day and that’s there’s no funny guy here. No Han Solo taking the piss out of all the earnestness, which was a CRUCIAL ingredient in the original trilogy. Everyone seems very SERIOUS.

I’m really counting on this after a poor year in cinema. I have a feeling I’ll bloody love it, but curious as to your thoughts, amigos!



I dunno, it seemed like the Captain and the robot had the same kind of dynamic that Han had with 3PO (/Chewie). And while Felicity Jones doesn’t have any funny lines in the trailer, it feels very much like her character is generally the sarcastic type that’d take the piss out of serious situations. Hopefully.

I do love everything about that trailer. Can’t wait to see that movie. It feels like it shows the weight of the Empire and the reality of it like no other Star Wars movie has.

I’ll embed the trailer to make commenting easier:


It’s visually stunning. The posters, the iconography, etc, just tops any Star Wars I’ve ever seen.



Yeah, it seems like there are a couple of characters here who are going to offer a bit of light relief. The robot especially. Seems like they might be saving back funny moments for the movie itself, which is smart. We don’t want to get tired of seeing gags on a loop before we get to see them in the cinema. They did the same for TFA.


I think Edwards is a great director for that. He made Monsters in his bedroom and I think the visual work in Godzilla was great, the way he too the perspective as an onlooker made it seem more real and he seems to be pulling that again here with that AT-AT scene.

I know some had issues with the story in Godzilla and how much screen time he had but on a visual basis it was great.

I don’t think every film now has to have a lot of humour per se, although it has brought a lot of success recently. Jim is right about the prequels, only because he read me say it first :smile: that the human characters are incredibly po-faced but they also have almost no chemistry. Hopefully this doesn’t fall into the same trap and makes you care about them.


Ya. I would rather the trailer sell the epicness of the film and the film have moments of levity rather than just saying the equivalent of, “Look! We’ve got jokes.” :wink:


My memory may be fading with time, but I can’t recall any jokes in the original Star Wars trailers. They just sold the epicness :slight_smile:


I like the tag lines they’re using on the posters:


Trailers can sell very different things. For all the discussion that Marvel films are great at the humorous asides and have the right balance their trailers are often super serious. Iron Man 3 looks truly depressing. It still made shit loads of money and was a lot lighter than it appeared.


Same here.


The original Star Wars was optimistic and exciting. It was the first chapter in a fantasy novel where everyone bands together, defeats the evil wizard in his castle and they all go off heroes.

This isn’t that. It’s about a group of miserable outcasts under an oppressive regime banding together only for them all to die over the course of the story until one gets away harrowed and hardened by the journey.

I expect older fans to love it, but fantasy stories need levity to break up all the earnestness and I’m not sure this movie can break that need. It’s selling on the Star Wars setting to make up the difference. It this was an independent franchise in a new property and I doubt it’d break $150 million US. We’ll see how much the Star Wars brand adds to it (at a guess I’d say it adds $250 million WW minimum).


I don’t know, I think they can work on not just giving one vision.

There are miserable outcast films that have done great.

Truth is that everything is a balance, that’s often why Hollywood misfires because they thing everyone wants to see exactly what was a hit last time. Now DC are going down that path despite the fact that the Dark Knight movies made way more than Guardians of the Galaxy.

It always more than just tone.


Yep. We’d be complaining if Star Wars churned out the same thing every year, now that the films are so close together (in fact, that’s exactly what Marvel MCU films get criticised for).

Variety is good, especially at a point where Star Wars is having to prove that it’s flexible enough to sustain a more sprawling franchise, rather than just a single narrowly-focused series of films.

This looks like a great take on one of the classic ‘untold tales’ from the franchise. I think it’ll do well.


I have no doubt our element of geek fan will love this - it’s tailor made for the 30+ ers. But this is Star Wars. Do you think it’ll break a billion? If it doesn’t even get there it means half the Force Awakens viewers decided to skip it.


I’m not talking about us. I’m talking about the general audience. We’ll lap this up like it’s chocolate milkshakes.


I think anything with a Star Wars tag will break a billion.

Will it do as well as TFA? Almost impossible however well it does. It’s sold as a ‘story’, a spinoff film.

You can’t always work on this trajectory of more money every film you put out. It would be nice but it has no real basis in reality




I’m not suggesting Rogue One should make more than Force Awakens. The number i put forth is less than half what it made. I don’t even think Episode 8 should break what Force Awakens did.


I guess that apart from us geeks, the general audience will get sick very soon. Quicklier than for superhero movies. God, I’m a geek and I honestly am quite sick already of the new SW movies (I didn’t dig The Force Awakens, even if I so much wanted to).


But enough for any film to be a huge success.