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New Spidey trailer right here!


I always like the comic book movie trailers to get their own thread outside the regular trailer thread as we love em so much and have tons to say on each.

But this Spidey trailer is ace. After 2 lame movies I thought I was done. I didn’t even get to the end of the second one both times I tried watching. But this has reeled me back in.

Superhero movies are all about what we haven’t seen visually before and Spidey felt kind of done, but this Stark stuff (which I wasn’t sure about) feels like it’s opening it up again. Like the core X-Men, Spidey’s a little tired and feels like he’s been round a long time, but I think this is going to get up into the 800s again. I don’t quite see it cracking the billion, especially in a competitive summer, as there’s going to be a certain amount of audience fatigue with the character, but it looks good. I’ll be there.


Yep, I think it’s a strong trailer and it looks like a fun movie. The shared-universe stuff, especially Stark, will open things up nicely.

I agree though that it probably won’t be an Avengers-level success (I feel like Spider-Man probably has a ceiling now) but I think it’ll still do very well. Holland in particular looks like he’s going to continue to be a great Peter Parker, and the storyline set up by this trailer - with Peter having to go back to basics without Stark’s tech, and prove himself as a responsible hero - has a lot of potential.


I don’t know, I didn’t really like this trailer. It feels like they really did show the whole movie here.
Of course I’ll still watch it, but I’m disappointed so far. Michael Keaton looks like the highlight though.


I agree it’s very likely to hit 800.

I can see it hitting the billion if it manages to feel fresh despite all the hurdles and it attracts families and excites children like the first Iron Man film did. I would say that’s a tough ask as no Spider-man film has ever hit the bill; Spidey 3 did almost get to 900 though, so if it beats that it’ll be a huge success.


I think a billion is probably in the cards. At this point you keep betting on RDJ as Stark until he proves otherwise.

My social media feeds are a little more cynical about this than I expected (particularly the Stark inclusion), and not just the usual old grumps, but I suspect everyone will go see it and it looks like the first truly all-ages superhero movie in a few years, which helps.

Personally I think it looks fine—the now-standard Disney superhero movie despite the Sony logo being in there somewhere. I like that they brought it back to high school and that kid looks like he’s got charm to spare. I enjoyed the part where he’s swinging past the windows and saying hi to everyone, and hope there’s a lot of that kind of thing—it’s a nice reminder of what a great visual character he is—but there’s nothing here that will knock Spidey 2 off of its pedestal.

The trailer gave away a few too many story beats, even for an era when all trailers are doing that.


Did it?

I mean, we know that he’s Spider-man, he wants to save people, Iron Man is like “bro, stay in your lane”, there are bad-guys with crazy weapons, Vulture is around, Spider-man is like “my lane is the whole road!” - that’s it.

I agree that we’ve seen the broad-strokes “Spider-man takes on more than he can chew and then proves how much of a hero he is” storyline before, and that’s why this feels like it gives too much away; but I bet it doesn’t. Like Thulk: Planet Ragnarok , and Guardians ofmisdirectthe Galaxy. I expect there’ll be at least some surprises left when the opening titles roll.


I’m almost positive that Sony are secretly launching a Birdman franchise here.


To be honest, I think everything we’ve seen in the trailer will probably be in the first ten minutes of the movie as a pre-credit sequence, and the main story will be about Paste-Pot Pete.


I’m sticking with billion here on Spider-Man also.

I think this will appeal to a wide range of people and if the early reviews come in positive, families in particular will flock to it. There’s not really anyone catering for that audience recently on the superhero side of things. Justice League is going to be dark and neither Guardians or Thor are going to be kid friendly.


I can’t say I’m all that enthusiastic about this - I liked the two Amazing films quite a lot (they’re not perfect by any means, but there was a lot to love), and ditching Webb & Garfield left a bad taste in my mouth - but, Holland is so great.

Funnily enough I showed this to my 7 year old boy, thinking he’d love it. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked off unimpressed. The movie appears very much standard MCU fare, and he’s see it all before.


I wonder if a lot of that has to do with this being another reboot?

I do know that my wife’s 14 year old nephew is so looking forward to seeing the movie and that was before the trailer. He is genuinely excited. (I ended up taking him to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 because he wanted to go and he admitted he was bored with it. Not the reaction you want from an 11 YO.)


No, because people think it’s just setup for the next Avengers movie, essentially an ad for future movies, and not its own thing.

I have seen several people come to that conclusion and it dampens enthusiasm. Of course to some people this is a feature not a bug, too.


Michael Keaton´s Carreer, or at least, this part of it (From Batman, to Birdman, To Spiderman) should have a movie on it´s own.

Altough is not much of an arc… more like as circle.
Like a history of (Self Awareness) repeting itself, once as tragedy and once a parody.


Looks fine and this guy can surely pull a very convincing Peter Parker (he may even be the best we’ve had so far), but I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about this. As much as I love Spidey (he’s one of my top 3 Marvel characters) I feel like I’m burned out of the character on movies. I think I’ve already seen everything I wanted to see from him in the Raimi movies (even though the third one was so dissapointing). The only thing I really like about Spidey being in the MCU of course is watching him interacting with other characters which is new.


Sad thing is that they haven’t really done a true X-Men movie yet. Only Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto and Mystique movies. But I guess audiences are a little tired of what they know, at least.



What I like most is this is not an origin story, it’s a becoming story.


That’s weird, because I could have sworn I’ve watched at least 5 X-Men movies - I must have been tripping…


You and your hash cakes Chris, we did warn you. :smile:


Is Chris hopped up on the goofballs?