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New Science Fiction Web Series - Blue Light


Hello all,

Here is the trailer for my new science fiction web series, Blue Light. I will be putting out a new episode each week. Blue Light - web series - trailer



Here’s a production still. Blue Light is about a 1950s housewife who comes home to find people from the future talking to her on her TV, asking her for help. Blue Light - Trailer


Awesome trailer! (although I am biased. I am the actress in the white dress. :blush: )


Miceal/Cagesafe, the director, did a pen drawing of my character from this web series. :grin:


I started this thread with the trailer. Today we just dropped the first episode. Please check out the first episode of our science fiction web series, and let us know what you think. Blue Light - Web Series - Episode One

I will also be putting together a one shot comic for it. I will post that stuff in this thread as well. :slight_smile:



Graphic novel is moving at a crawling pace at best. But here is the poster for the web series.


Quick sketch of new character.


Sometimes it helps to do some quick color pencil and ink sketches of characters while working on their bios.



Blue Light: Haunt My Dreams - Trailer for the short film version of the web series.