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New project -- looking for a writer or two


Hi everyone!

The creative talent here blows me away. Hopefully, what I’m looking for will resonate with some of you.

I’m looking for a writer or two (and illustrators, etc.) to help me create two original comic books as Christmas gifts for my kids this year. I’m shooting for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime gift.

I will be paying for all the work. My budget doesn’t compare to the rates paid by established publishers, but I’m not trying to cajole anyone into doing this “for the experience.”

Here’s the overview:

I have a son who is 16 and a daughter, 14. They are fans of both the Marvel and DC universes, but I feel they would picture themselves residing more in the DC one. They both attend a boarding school during the school year.

I’d like each comic book to portray them as they are in their normal environment, with their daily activities and their friends. Each story should then have a crisis or threat which requires them to manifest their superhero alter egos, and then maybe a final panel or two where they are back to their normal selves and mundane activities.

It’s important that they, their friends, and their environment are very recognizable. I want the non-superhero parts to be realistic and believable. I want my kids and their friends to have the, “Hey, I’m in comic book!” effect. This probably affects the art more than the writing, but the story needs to take this into account.

I have only some loose possibilities for the nature of the conflicts in the stories. The threats can be more fantastic; those parts of the stories can take the heroes further afield. It might be the kind of thing that the normal people in their lives are oblivious to. Perhaps each of my kids has one friend who is in on their secret identity or is also part of the superhero team.

I’d like the stories to be mostly independent, either two totally unrelated threats, or two distant sides of the same threat. But I do want each of the kids to have a short appearance in the other’s book. It’s an open question whether each kid knows the other is a superhero also. I don’t know whether I should be working with a single writer or two writers, and welcome opinions.

I’m going to have these printed, and I want the result to feel like a comic book. Balancing possible cost and length, something like 12 pages each might be a reasonable compromise. Thoughts?

I am not a storyteller, so I’m going to have to lean on my writer(s) to supply plot, tension, characterization, etc. It’s the kind of thing I’ll be able to judge when I read it, but I won’t be able to direct someone who doesn’t already know how to write comic fiction. What I can supply, however, are plenty of details about the people, their lives, and their environment. I’ll provide lots of pictures, class schedules, place names, etc.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. If you’re interested in the project, please send me an email with the following:

  1. A sentence or two about how you think you might approach the story;
  2. Your thought on whether this is better with one writer or two;
  3. How much you’d charge;
  4. Your availability.

I can be reached at



Are you looking for experienced writers or can anyone join in and give your their pitch? :smile:


@francisg, thanks for asking!

I am generally open to anyone, with the following caveats:

Since I am not experienced in producing comics, I need my writer(s) to know how to produce scripts that will be ready for illustration. This would include not only the right formatting, but also knowing how to write the kinds of descriptions that illustrators can use. Having had a script illustrated previously would be a big plus.

Again, solely due to my own ignorance, it will be easier for me to select writers who can show previous comic work. I think it would be almost impossible for me to evaluate someone without this. I’m just not knowledgeable enough to know how to identify the good candidates from the rest.

Having said that, I’m not limiting my project to people who’ve been published.



That’s challenging. Maybe go with what you like and are comfortable with. I mean, you are putting your money into this so might as well go with something you respond to well and something you’re satisfied with. :smile:


Hey Chris- I wouldn’t produce two separate comics, but rather approach the story (or same events) from two different perspectives in a single comic. Think of it as the same scene from different angles. To that end I would hire one writer. I would recommend that the two main characters NOT know who the other is…at first. The culmination of the “seemingly” unrelated threats being the point at which identities are revealed. Perhaps because the main threat is searching out DNA and finding BOTH of them…hmmmmm. Yes, likeness would be an artist issue, but believability comes in the writing. To that end, I would require favorite sayings, expressions that are often made, nicknames they have for one another…etc, etc. For writing, I charge 35usd per page, not including cover text or whatever forward you might want to include. I’ve worked in the indie comic industry for several years now and have a firm understanding of production. I’ve done mostly art chores (penciling, inking, coloring), but I’ve written a few as well. I’d be happy to send you a script via e-mail. Thanks JoeyDeS