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New Phantom Book from Lightning Strikes Comics



Aside from running kickstarters and ruining facebook feeds, I also do lettering for other peoples comics. I’m really excited to share that I’m going to be lettering a new Phantom one-shot for Lightning Strikes Comics.

The creative team for this is off the hook (So the young people say…)

The following is from the Press Release:

The Phantom: Scarlet Sapphire.
Written by… Stephen Mooney
Stephen Mooney is a New York Times best selling creator most widely known for his award winning hit series HALF PAST DANGER from IDW Publishing.
More recently he has been working as an artist for DC Comics on popular series such as GRAYSON, MIDNIGHTER and BOMBSHELLS. Stephen is currently hard at work writing and drawing the sequel to Half Past Danger.
Illustrated by… Robert Carey
Robert Carey is an Irish based artist known co-founding Lightning Strike Comics and for North Bend, Ness and recently being chosen as a winner in Mark Millar’s Millarworld talent search 2017.
Coloured by… Tríona Farrell
Triona Farrell is a comic colourist based in Dublin, who has worked on numerous issues series from TITAN, BOOM!, IDW and IMAGE. Such favourites include WEAVERS, and the upcoming IMAGE book ROSE. She illustrates in her spare time and enjoys many nerdy interests.
Lettered by… Rob Jones
Rob Jones is an award winning letterer and 1/4 of British Based Indie Publisher, Madius Comics. Rob lettered Lightning Strike Comics’ PHANTOM 80th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL and he has co-written PAPERCUTS AND INKSTAINS, GRIFF GRISTLE and TRAGIC TALES OF HORRERE with long standing/suffering co-writer, Mike Sambrook.
Edited by… David Williams
David Williams is a published academic researcher and lecturer who specialises in Game Development & Animation.
On a day to day he is responsible for the Animation and Game Development faculties for Pulse College third level education, developing courses in Sequential Art, VFX, Games and Animation sectors.

And I’m allowed to show off the cover/logo I’ve designed, which Stephen Mooney has drawn.

It’s awesome:

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Thanks a bundle, peeps!


That sounds terrific. Congratulations. When is it due on the shelves?


Hey Simon, it’s scheduled for May/June I do believe. I’m waiting on the pages to land for me to letter at the moment. It’s looking great! Rob Carey won the 2017 Millarworld Talent Search, so it’s ace to work with him again! (I lettered up his comic, NESS, which he did with Chris Welsh)


Good news. Love the Phantom


I’m definitely in. I’ve been a fan of The Ghost Who Walks since I was a small child. It was the one comic that my father and I both liked.


Thanks Will. It’s a great team involved, many were included in the lightning Strikes Comics 80th Anniversary comic which they did last year for Dublin Comic Con.


I was first exposed to it via the Billy Zane film… not the best start, but I got into the cartoon “Defenders of the Earth” and have gone from there!


Exactly…To think that Bruce Campbell auditioned for that movie but didn’t get it. Ah well.


I didn’t know that! The mighty chin would have made it a wildly different movie!


I love most of the crew involved in this.

Eoin has gathered a great group and worked hard on bringing it into the world.
Can’t wait to see what they do.

The book from last year had some fun shorts.
And also led to me finding out about the large phantom following in Australia.
What’s thay all about Tim?


Most of the crew? Ha ha! I wonder which ones you don’t love :wink:

Eoin is a great bloke, and is doing wonderful work!


It’s Williams.

While I love the Ginger one. Can’t trust him cause he’s a ginger one.


Here is a sneak peek at some inks from the interior art.
Hope everyone enjoys reading it. The creative team are a dream to work with.


Will this play into the Phantom series published by Moonstone or is it a stand alone? I assume it’s Kit Walker under the mask?


AFAIK the lads have the rightsto European and Australia For distribution. And it won’t affect the current north America books.


Page 1 inks for Page 1 inks for The Phantom: Scarlet Sapphire, written by Stephen Mooney.


Some preview images of our up coming Phantom book.


Inks from The Phantom: Scarlet Sapphire, which launches tomorrow.