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New Millarworld series I'll tell you about...


…in the Autumn.

Have now finished the first big storylines on the new Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl series I was telling you about, Hit-Girl being drawn by two amazing artists as we speak and Johnny hard at work on Kick-Ass. So I’m deep into the next projects and you’ll hear about both at the end of summer, start of Autumn and one of these is a horror series I’m having a ball on. My first since Swamp Thing really or maybe American Jesus back in 2003.

What an artist I’ve snagged for this. After Capullo, the bar had been raised and oh my sweet Lord have I scored another scalp from Marvel and DC. I’m like American Sniper, just waiting for DC and Marvel to look away!!

But more on this a few months down the line when the horror series and the sequel to a much loved series get the promo treatment. In the meantime, here’s a look at my desk when I’m deep in the first drafts of some scripts…


you mess, messy man! :wink:

hmmmm…nice shoes though…oxfords not brogues, i hope?


Always excited to hear about what’s coming up for Millarworld.


The Telegraph :joy:

That’s a working desk alright. New projects? I hope there’s no early 17th century young samurai stuff going on there.


MIllar is such a Tory, we just have to put up with it. :smile:


I only use one cup at a time.


Can’t wait to see it! Reborn was amazing one of my favourite books I’ve read recently…I hope you and Capullo do another book together soon…How about another project with Goran Parlov I would to see you and him on another book…Starlight was also really awesome too!


Did we get the announcement that Mark is definitely going with the Superman project? Should I assume that based on the Man ‘o’ Steel appearing on the desk?


Dang, Chief. You CRUSHED that apple.


I would imagine Mark always has a Superman comic within arms reach. :wink:


Ah, well that too.:slight_smile:


Two Coffee Mugs in there?

That explains a lot.

Plus, i really dig the “Vintage” Desk.


Horror huh? You got me excited. You had me at new series but add horror to the mix & I’m hyped!


Don’t expect anything about Superman until MAYBE next year.

Glad to see Mark venturing into the horror genre. He already did adventure, fantasy, spy, action, space opera and whatnot. Would really like to see him doing a crime saga a la Godfather.


He does seem booked solid with Millarworld projects at the moment…


There’s a book I always keep on my desk for inspiration and it’s Legends of the DCU with Superman and Robin from around 1998. It’s a masterclass in economical writing and storytelling and I’ve kept various copies of this in front of me for most of the last 19 years. No kidding.



Thanks for the recommendation.

I’ve said it before: IMHO Dick Grayson is the best character in the DCU, bar none. I like to think that there’s a version of me in a parallel universe who is talented enough to write for DC, and he’s writing Grayson (and Mister Miracle).


Ah. Makes sense.:slight_smile:


Legends of the DC Universe #6? I read it not long ago for the first time. I had been watching for it on your recommendation and finally came across a copy. Great stuff all around.


It’s so great. Just technically perfect.