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New Millarworld Books to Blow Your Mind


So Mark’s latest book to be announced is Empress with Stuart Immonen. Feast your eyes on this first cover and read a bit of a teaser on CBR.


This looks unreal. Immonen is someone I’ve been hoping Mark work with for years, and great to see it finally happen.

It’s classic high-concept Millar, but it’s also very un-Millar like too. Sounds great. The Earth twist sounds interesting too…

Any chance of a series of big Millarworld Omnibuses?

Say a volume of Supercrooks, Superior, Nemesis… A volume of Starlight, Huck, Chrononauts etc…


Excellent, I love Immonen’s work and the concept sounds interesting.

Also interesting to note that it’s going to be at Marvel/Icon rather than Image.


That sounds really interesting. And who doesn’t love Stuart Immonen?


It’s nice to see Dave McCaig as the colourist too.

Can we please get a crossover between this, Starlight and Chrononauts immediately?


I foresee a Starlight/chrononauts/empress crossover


This book is going to be really amazing. It’s a good time to love comics.


This looks cool as hell! So in 2016 we’ll have at least 4 monthly books from Millarworld? YES!


Looks like there’s a few more books announced.



Oh god but that preview shows that the wait is gonna be worth it.
That Skyfox flashback…so good.
Can’t say I’m excited for Chrononauts 2 or the Hitgirl mini though


No, you got it right the first time.


Hahahah, pretty true.
But damn, is this longer than the wait between 4 and 5?
Just curious.

Also, does this mean Skyfox is still alive?


The wait is longer as I believe the Quitely art is being stockpiled for monthly release (MM recently mentioned that FQ had just started work on #4, I think).


Non Millar /JRJr team on Hit Girl? Be interesting to see who that is.


Wonder if there’ll be more on Kick-Boy or if this is going to be as self-contained as possible.


Got a chance to look at the preview pages for Jupiter’s Legacy 2. I hadn’t seen any of those pages yet. They look amazing. I love the way Hutch moves between panels. Also, do 60’s right-hand drive Mustangs exist? It’s cool if they do. Maybe even more cool if they don’t.


It’s so great to see Hutch back in action.
The panels following his movements was great


I’m also intrigued by the first non-Millar Millarworld book. I can’t wait to hear who that will be.


Yeah, while I might be the most interested in Hit-Girl, it is intriguing that we’re finally getting some other blood in this branding.
Toys in a box do need to be played with