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New Magnificent 7 has my spider-sense tingling


I suspect this is going to be this year’s next big flop :slight_smile:

Your thoughts?



That’s my suspicion too. I want it to be great, but typically movies with all-star casts like that aren’t as great as they seem they will be.


On this blessed day we all have Spider-sense. I don’t get what they were thinking making this movie, and I’m annoyed at Chris Pratt for doing it. Stop being stupid Pratt!


Either this or Ben-Hur. The trailers are bad, poorly placed, and are tending to drive people away rather than attract them.

You know Morgan Freeman, right? I could tell from the trailer he was in pain. Oh, not physical pain. The kind of pain that comes from “I took money to do this, I must continue”. :wink:


Ethan Hawke as one of these guys is like having Christian Bale as one of them :slight_smile:

I love the concept of that movie, but I’d rather see it used in another genre like the original did.



Chris Pratt was offered Chrononauts and went this direction instead.

May The Lord have mercy on his soul!!! :slight_smile:



They should have continued to copy The Seven Samurai and did what the Japanese did - 26 episode animated TV series with samurai fighting giant robots. Only in this case, gunslingers - taking out flying battleships with their six shooters.


He may end up seriously regretting that decision!


He better not come crying in 5 years when he’s drinking at the bar with Bradley Cooper and wondering where it all went wrong.


Ah. So Chrononauts functions effectively as an intelligence test![quote=“JimOHara, post:9, topic:7585”]
hen he’s drinking at the bar with Bradley Cooper

So long as it’s your bar, eh?


Ben Hur apparently has enough Jesus to turn off non-Christian viewers, but Jesus isn’t depicted properly enough to please Christian viewers. It is going to be a huge disaster. Timur deserves better.


Perhaps. Perhaps it is a “life lesson”.

Something, Mr. Millar, about chickens coming home to roost?


I’m excited for this movie.
I don’t think it will be a disaster, more just a middle of the road box office performance.
But as an audience member, I care a lot more about it being good. :slight_smile:


He was born to be Danny. Seeing as the movie isn’t in production maybe this will flop and he’ll realize all he has is Guardians. Then he’ll go looking for another franchise before he Chris Pine’s himself.


That’s exactly what I said. If you’re going to do a remake of a remake at least add something new.

My pastor saw a very early pitch for this at some seminar he went to. He seemed into it. I was going to try to figure out how to politely bow out of seeing it until I learned Timur was involved. Now I’m all over it.


Me too. I love Timur as a person and praying this works as he deserves to be huge!!



There are very few directors that do insane action on a budget as well as he does. Matthew Vaughn is really the only other one that immediately comes to mind.


Robert Rodriguez?


Yes. Though it’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything from him. El Mariachi is probably still my favorite of his films.


That’s an interesting pick.
I’d probably say Desperado (though the real answer is Sin City).
Making great action in smaller, cheaper movies is something I look out for, and I’d agree that it’s a short list of people who can do it well and do it consistently.