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New Mad Max: Fury Road (Spoilers)


It makes me really happy to see Brendan’s name in the writing credits. A true genius!



It looks like the most beautifully crafted mayhem in movie history. :hearts:


I’m more excited to see this than any of the comics movies coming out.


This is getting some tremendous reviews. It sounds fantastic. I might have to see it this weekend.


I’ve not really watched Mad Max before, I was tempted because of my love of Brendan McCarthy. After checking the score and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes I just bought a ticket for Thursday.


Really like the fact that the actor playing Immortan Joe, the villain in this one, also played Toecutter, the villain in the very first MAD MAX.


That’s Toecutter? Very cool!

Gareth, the original Mad Max is brilliant. Road Warrior is as well. Beyond Thunderdome is ok, but the first two really hold up.


I will be interested to hear what you think. I was planning to see this over the weekend, but we are having our in-laws to stay and my wife feels that bringing her parents to see Mad Max would be a poor choice of outing (they apparently have expressed an interest in going to a garden centre).

I haven’t seen the original in years, but I remember liking it. The second one is a classic. It is one of the great action movies of the 80’s. It is stripped back, lean and brutal. I remember reading a thing in Empire magazine where Robert Rodriguez cited both Mad Max 2 and Evil Dead 2 as two of the greatest action films of all time (I can’t remember what the others were…The Good the Bad and the Ugly was in there I think and possibly Seven Samurai).

I don’t think that I’ve seen Beyond Thunderdome since I rented it in the 80’s. I remember it having good things about it, but not being anything brilliant (although I think that it might have been the first Mad Max film I saw).

As far as I can see, they don’t appear to be beholden to any of the original movies here.


I think it would be pretty daft to require previous knowledge 30 years on from the last film. I know what the concept is anyway and have seen bit and pieces on TV over the years, it’s just one of those that somehow passed me by.

I shall give my thoughts tomorrow.


Hard to think of anything less like watching a Mad Max movie than a trip to a garden! :slight_smile:


I’m exactly the same.

Hopefully I’ll get to see it tomorrow night too.


It’s nice that they are taking that approach, rather trying to tie everything in together (like Terminator Genysis for instance). It gives them a little bit more latitude to cut loose…which from what I have seen is pretty much what this film is about.

What I’m worried about is that I will have to go too.


You didn’t have to see the originals to get each one; all three told an overall cohesive story, but each could be appreciated on their own. I’m positive this is in the same vein.


I am seeing it tomorrow.

About watching the previous movies, not required really. What you need to know, if anything, about Max can be summoned easily in a couple of sentences, and movies 2 and 3 are more like westerns, in the sense that they are in the “stranger comes into town and gets involved in local conflicts” kinda of plot, in which Max drives around the Wasteland and lands in the middle of a conflict between two or more parties.

This movie seems to follow the same pattern.


I just read an interview with George Miller where he was asked about bringing Mel Gibson back. He basically compares Max to James Bond as a recurring character. He’s not trying to do a saga. So if all of the joins don’t quite fit with the earlier movies, that’s perfectly ok.


I saw the first Mad Max with the strange American overdub and it really affects the film. Everyone sounds like a bad actor.


There’s lots of films I want to see this year but this one is pretty much the only one I’m actually excited about.

The positive buzz about it is very encouraging too.


After that you need a hug. Poor you, that is horrible.


Here’s the IMDB description:

The version released in the U.S. was re-dubbed with American accents. It has been widely claimed that the distributor, American International Pictures (AIP), feared that American audiences would have had problems understanding the thick Australian accents spoken by the actors. However, now that the original track has surfaced Stateside, it is revealed to be poorly mixed, with the music score often overwhelming dialogue (the very important conversation between two doctors that Max overhears is almost entirely drowned out). AIP’s releases were predominantly seen in drive-in theaters (where in fact most of this picture’s US box office revenue was earned) and where at this time the audio came through little speakers hanging on the car windows. This would definitely have made the audio problems worse and is the probable motivation for the alternate audio track (AIP having mostly American voice actors available to them).

Ironically, I also saw it at a Drive-In theater (that woulda been around 1979).


Here is a sample…