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New Kick Ass!!


I honestly am stunned there’s been no mention of it yet on these boards…


It’s awesome. I’m a big fan of Kick Ass but this one is my favorite by far.


Well the whole affair was announced a while back.

I’ll be happy if the series continues to be off the wall crazy and ridiculous. Otherwise the branding would seem secondary.


You won’t be disappointed.


The long running tradition of Kick-Ass getting their ass kicked wouldn’t hurt either. It’s what gave Dave’s adventures their own special kick, but I figure the mother bit might waiver that so not setting myself up there.


It was back in June of last year. Other things have pushed the schedule out a bit but it’s still in the works.


Great news, but I didn’t use to see anyone, but Kick Ass and Hit Girl. I just love those guys. And this sounds PC to me.


PC? From the guy who wrote “You think this A stands for France?” :wink:


That line sounds very satirical to me - and I crack every time I hear or see it. Thanks for reminding.


But isn’t JRJR doing the silencer? How is he going to do two monthlies at the same time (Not that I’m complaining, he’s my favorite artist)


It wouldn’t be the first time he did two monthly books at the same time.


Or perhaps the new Kick-Ass has been worked on for a while and stockpiled.


Since we saw the first bits of artwork in June of last year (and it’s Mark’s general policy now anyway) I think that’s a pretty sure thing.


You’re afraid a book called Kick Ass is PC?


This looks great, been waiting (sort of) patiently for it. :slight_smile:
I’m hoping the new Hit-Girl comic with RA gets released at the same time.


Around the same time yes. I’ve seen it - it’s crazy. It’s fantastic.