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New Jupiter's Legacy this week - Millar & Quitely Goodness!


Latest chapter on sale Wednesday. Should have a preview up tonight. Here’s a lovely peek at the main cover in the meantime!!


That cover is OK.

An understatement, I love Frank Q.

But last issue? That cover was even better!


I love every issue more than the last! Frank’s work is simply sublime and I don’t just double dip on singles and trade I now triple dip and pick it up digitally as well.


haha. Seriously? I’ve never heard of anything doing that!!



I really hope there is eventually oversized hardcover of all the Quitely issues of this series. Image makes some very nice ones and it would look great on my shelf with the others.

They’re actually big enough to put the Circle series in as well.


No plans for that actually. I find them too heavy :slight_smile:



YESSS cannot wait!


Please tell St. Frank his blessing worked!


Yup. Digital because I get it on the day of release as I can’t always get my pull list picked up, singles as I still love reading it on paper and trades as it goes on the bookshelf for easy access when I feel the need to gaze in awe.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it’s my favourite comic of all time.


I’ve been transitioning to digitals because the only way I can read it right when it comes out at 12AM is to buy the digital. Only problem is that I don’t get a beautiful hardcopy, so for my favorite series I’ll buy the trade.


This is real music to Mark’s ears you know, double and triple dipping! :smile:


In fact, I just enjoyed myself some Jupiter’s Legacy 2 issue #3

Only problem is I can’t discuss till you all read it


How did you get it so early???



It’s not a bad idea. I was thinking that when reading through the Authority Vol. 2 hardcover: These pages should be BIGGER!


Everybody’s reading JL #3, and I’m over here like “What about that thing with Greg Capernick?”


What I’m thinking is he darned near became a Bronco, and we missed it by that much!


No, not that unpatriotic guy, I mean the comic book guy. I think he used to draw X-Force?


Sounds like you need the Absolute edition.


I cannot afford to remortgage the house right now, Dave. Plus, they didn’t have the Absolute in Chicago when I got Mark to sign it. Let’s blame @Jim for that. Just because.