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New Independence Day trailer looks great!


This is going to make huge money in the same way Jurassic did, all the Dads who loved the last one in their 20s taking their kids along. It looks good too, though I do think they’re missing the Jurassic formula of a beloved franchise merged with a current hot star. The kid playing Will Smith’s son seems to lack any sparkle and Michael B Jordan was just sitting there waiting to be the perfect, fun Will Smith progeny here for us all to love.

Still, REALLY looking forward to this. Goldblum plus sci-fi? I’m in!



Goldblum looks like he’s having fun there.

I still feel like this one could go either way. It could be another Jurassic World, but is there the same affection for ID4 as there is for that franchise? I’m not sure.

I’ve enjoyed the trailers, though. Especially the first one, which built up a nice atmosphere of foreboding.

I also think the promotion that they launched alongside this trailer - that lets you download a copy of the first movie for 99c - is a smart one. I imagine a lot of today’s young audience may not have even seen the original.


Dunno about this one actually.

I loved ID4. Loved it. And I’m a sucker for alien invasions. I can’t see this doing big numbers without Will Smith, I’m not sure who the audience is going to be really.

I thought the trailer looked great to begin with, but it was long and became repetitive very quickly and I lost interest; I get the feeling it could be the same for the movie itself.

I’m on the fence, leaning towards flop. It’s missing a proper leading man to carry it. They should have phoned Arnie. (Sorry Mark!)


Goddamn, even half crazed beardy Bill Pullman can still bring the speech-power when he wants to.
I felt inspired already.

I don’t think it’ll be as entertaining as the first Independence Day…the “new generation” cast looks terrible.
But should have some fun bits.


I was just thinking that Bill Pullman was my favourite part of the original. He had the big speech, but he was this lovable everyman Commander in Chief.


Theres probably at least 800 million worth of affection.


He had a very fun role.
I’m a pilot, I belong in the air.

He had just the right sort of persona to carry ridiculous lines like that.
Everyone in the first movie did.


I’m there.

I do think that upping the scale to increase the drama is a bit of a problem, and it affected ‘2012’ as well. Watching billions die isn’t really escapist entertainment.

But Emmerich knows how to frame the action and the cast all know what they’re doing, Goldblum will be funny and quirky and Pullman looks like he’d been allowed/asked to make his ex-President pretty interesting.

I think it’ll be a hit.

Well, on the bright side, Will Smith’s son ISN’T being played by Will Smith’s son!


Since this is a two parter, original designated Independence Day Forever (which I think is way cooler and I’ll still refer to it as) I actually think that Earth might lose. Gives motivation for Part 2.

And yeah, but this kid doesn’t look very charismatic either. Neither does that other Hemsworth(?)


That’s it. What he oozed at that time was a sort of affable sincerity. You immediately liked him. He wasn’t overly threatening.

I also loved him in The Zero Effect.

He has obviously done a lot of more diverse stuff as well, so it isn’t fair to pigeonhole him as an actor.


He was better than Bullock was in While You Were Sleeping.


Pullman was good. I’m also looking forward to seeing Brent Spiner do his crazy mad scientist shtick again.


I’m looking forward to more of Goldblum’s dad.


Doctor Oken? Fantastic…To this day, the bit when he gets thrown up against the glass makes me jump.


Didn’t he die in the original though?
How can he come back?


Advanced, alien surgery!


Well, after watching that trailer I have to say that this probably will be like Jurassic World. Maybe not a hit to that degree, but the film looks as flawed as that one did and I’m similarly disengaged by these trailers.

I’ve made a deal with my friend that we’ll go and see this after drinking two pints but now I think I’ll put it up to three.


They destroyed London again! It’s seems to be a requirement in recent years.

Contrary to Chris (it’s okay because we agree on a lot of other things) I hated Independence Day. I think it ushered in a long period of rather brainless and charmless films that relied on effects alone.

I’ll be open minded about this though. I’ve read enough Alan Moore comics to know there’s no such thing as a bad concept, just bad execution.


The film itself was OK but it was a great memory for me. We went with some friends for a midnight showing. We were in the second showing and ended up waiting quite a while for the show to start. My sister was with us and her birthday is on the 4th. So we had the entire theater full of people sing happy birthday to her. It was a great time.


There’s a lot of truth in the idea that the golden age of everything is ‘12’.