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New guy art dump!


Hey everyone I’m relatively new to the forum but I thought I would share some art and see what people thought. I have some more stuff at
Sorry if this is too many pics!


Great stuff. Some very dynamic compositions. Love the DD and BTTF pics.


Thanks very much Dave :slightly_smiling:


Love those especially the Back to the Future pic. Great dynamicism.


Nice work, man. Love the Daredevil one.


Amazing work.


These have interesting movement and contrast. Great work!


I think these are pretty damn good. Some are stronger than others (BTF and DD vs Cowboy Gauntlet) but they are all pretty good and the Batman Beyond is just about perfect. I can give little things I’d have you focus on to improve, but nothing major.

Ever done any robots? :smiley:


Thanks everyone! Glad you like. Some have a few things I would fix here and there. Thanks for the feedback :smile: haven’t done any robots just yet!


I totally think you should do something for “The Draw Off” with Star Wars. Of course, I’d LOVE for you to do 3 pages of either of my stories I’ve submitted…details are in The Draw Off thread. DO IT!


Nice. I really like your girl with the shotgun.


Lots of really effective perspective shots (the Flash, the light beams behind Rey, the Baman and the cowboy pieces). How do you put these together? Are you working digitally or is it loads of traditional pencil perspective lines?


whoa! new guy. awesome work.


Hi Bruce, thanks very much. I work digitally on manga studio so that saves some time, manga studio 5 has a handy perspective lines tool, you have to find the right vanishing point yourself though.


Love your Daredevil pic!! He looks so effortless :slight_smile: like he’s gradually moving through time and space. Not only that but the whole red on red composition is definitely drawing me in!


the people look really strong - the last girl especially looks great.