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New Guardians trailer is live!


I’m a big fan of keeping these huge things out of the Marvel and DC threads as they’re so huge to get through massive stuff can be missed. Jim O just told me there’s a Guardians trailer and I’m googling it right now.

What y’all thinking?



I am Groot.


Do you need a hug, Mark?


I think it’s a masterclass in putting together a teaser that promises audiences what to expect without revealing anything. It much better than the Logan trailer in that regard.


Anyone else get 'nam flashbacks when Hooked on a Feeling kicked in?

That song was everywhere GOTG-related and I never want to hear it again.


Can anyone name the band of Hooked on a Feeling without looking it up? Meadows, you don’t count.

I’m slightly worried that fit, squinting, cocky Chris Pratt is just not as endearing as slightly pudgy, wide eyed, goofball Chris Pratt, but not that worried. This film could come out right now and I’d drop everything to get in the car to go see it.


Blue Swede.


You win this round of pub trivia, Bernadette…



Awww…the moment when Groot grows from a twig back to GROOT in this movie is going to be so freaking great. You just know Gunn is going to nail that scene and it is going to bring the house down.


Concerned about this. Marvel made a huge mistake with Avengers in trying to follow the same template twice and now we get the same music, slow motion walking and Drax literal jokes. Diminishing returns on the horizon I think.

It looks loads of fun actually, I just wanted to wind Jim up. :smile:





Finally saw this before Dr Strange. Loved it. Reaffirmed my personal excitement for the movie and my belief it can join the billion dollar club.

And my bewilderment that WWE somehow let Big Dave Batista slip through their fingers…